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I If you are reading this for the second, third or fourth time, it may mean America missed the opportunity to alter the biblical prophecy if the churches had kept their doors open around the clock to initiate corporate intercessory prayer to receive grace and not the judgment of God! Yes, visions and even prophecies of any coming destruction can change to more favorable outcomes if people would just repent and pray! However, we see all throughout history and in the Old Testament, most of the time this does not happen and so destruction follows. This does not mean you as a God fearing obedient Christian will totally be included in this destruction. However, it will be challenging for all of us regardless whether we are in Christ or not according to the Book of Revelation. In this coming circumstance I constantly remind myself that God used Moses in the Book of Exodus to supernaturally remove His people out of harm’s way and cross the Red Sea. So regardless of what is coming there is hope for those who are in Christ Jesus! Many past examples where God used the Holy Spirit and angels to rescue His people are throughout the Old Testament. Only when His people repented did He remove judgment. So God is going to do this for His people who repent and are obedient but just how this will be is unknown to us at this time. What we do know is we need to stand in faith and continue doing the great commission until Christ returns. Regardless of the circumstance that looks like all is lost, He will provide a way out. Just as He did for Lot before Sodom and Gomorrah fell under God’s wrath. The devil will do all he can to remove your faith and instill fear. Do not let that happen! God’s power is going to prevail and we will witness supernatural events take place as never seen on earth before, and we are told they will never happen again. So preparing your mind and spirit for battle is the goal of this book. Keep this book accessible to you at all times and use it like a field manual for the end of days. I will include at the end of this chapter warring prayers against the demonic that will unleash hybrids taking the form of reptilians, grays, shape-shifters and possibly full Nephilim giants. Black-eyed children, being some form of hybrids, have already been seen and some who have come in contact with them needed deliverance afterward. These encounters with the black-eyed hybrids transferred unclean spirits into them. Intercessors needed to pray off and cast out those spirits that attached to them so they could continue their daily lives without torment. This is unacceptable for the body of Christ to have this happen. These attacks show that most are not ready for what is coming, nor do they know how to stand against this type of encounter which will increase in the coming days. Those who were victimized this is not their fault that they received demonic spirits. This just shows the churches have not been preparing God’s people!



    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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