What is going on and are most US Citizens even aware?

    Since there is a blackout being orchestrated by the mainstream media. Most events that will greatly affect US citizens as well as other counties are not being conveyed to us correctly, or even at all. The media was at one time our checks and balances alerting us of any wrong doings by our Government and illegal business practices with large Corporations.

     Our US Constitution is being destroyed before our eyes and all we hear about is the plight of Celebrates that are dysfunctional as if that was our main concern. Now, as tragic as all that is to see a human-being practicing passive suicide. We have a much bigger picture to focus on. No matter who we have placed in office, it all gets more and more evident that none of them are really on the side of the average man or woman. Men and woman who work hard for a living, paying their bills, taxes and feeding their families have been targeted as the enemy.

     So, 2013 promises great world events to take place that will alter our lives beyond our comprehension. Whether it’s the interpretation of the Mayan calendar showing the end of the world, or the threat of Iran promising to wipe out Israel and the US. Not necessarily in that order. We are heading straight for a wall at a hundred miles an hour with no seatbelts or airbags. So the question is, how informed are you and what resource are you relying on to keep you up to date?

    Preparedness cannot be over stressed right now. I know some think this is a total over reaction. However, pull your head out of the sand and look around. In just a few years we have gone from bad to horrible. Meaning, there are people who are in office that are selling us completely out and sending us up the river without a paddle. If you think putting a Republican back in, or replacing them with a Democrat is going to change things for the better, then you are greatly deceived. Just as I was at one time!

    It is just a mater of time what damage that has been done will all come to a pinnacle, leaving those who are unprepared to scramble for food, water and medicines. Not a good place to be in.

    I witnessed the Phoenix Police Department doing random traffic stops. With an Officer walking out into the street with an orange flag and stopping all East bound traffic on India School Road. Signaling selected cars to pull over for interrogation. How can this happen? Well, we are in a slow takeover that is escalating, and now we are seeing it unfold before our eyes. We have ignored the obvious and been asleep at the wheel and now evil it is ready to rear its ugly head. The head of a nasty serpent capable of deceiving many, as well as eliminating all the others.

    I will be discussing what to expect and what supplies you should be storing up and what emergency gear to have on hand while we still have time to do so. I can remember a snowstorm in Coeur d’Alene Idaho that covered the roads leading in from Seattle Washington making them impassable. Within twenty-four hours, the shelves were almost bare in the grocery stores with no way to restock the shelves because of the roadways. This was a reminder of just how fast resources can be depleted. Leaving us empty handed in no time.


    This circumstance also creates a threat to those who have prepared and now will be a targeted by those who are willing to take what is not theirs! As ugly as this all is, it is a fact that has been seen many times before in history.

    There are answers regardless of how grave this all may seem. It is what it is and will be, and we need to face this now. So this is no time while we still have time to ignore the situation we are in. So being prepare make sense to me.

    I will be giving suggestions of the supplies that will help you in these times coming. There is no absolute or guarantee that having all the suggested supplies will completely bring you through to the other side. However, when you reach for something that is not there, there is an empty helpless feeling that overwhelms you inside. You know men, when your wife says… I told you so, and all is about to come unglued. Let me help you avoid that circumstance and be ready, informed and have a plan of action that could save the lives of you, and your family. ( Continue with suggested supplies The need for water )

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

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