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End of days - OUT OF CONTROL ( Caution! this may be the most disturbing vide.

This is the most disturbing video I have ever done, but I knew that even though it was hard at times to get through, I also knew that this was something the world needed to see, so please people wake up, especially you, brothers and sisters who have sadly fallen asleep and continue saying, OH we have much time left before the return of Jesus, OH which by the way is also another prophecy foretold in the word of God.

Time is quickly running out folks and you will soon know why...


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God's Judgement On America Is Here! Sodom & Gomorrah.

Be sure and read my article, link in about section! This is URGENTLY IMPORTANT!

Scott E. Hensler's new book in his Spirit Realm series volume II is finely available! Are you having demonic visitation? Are you under a curse? The book “Second Heaven Invasion” covers all of these topics. Plus, gives particle advice and prayers to break and remove all demonic strongholds! Thirty chapters and 370 pages of biblical information to set you and your family free!! Visit:

Philip Goes To Hell: From Furious Love Deluxe Edition

Uploaded on May 31, 2011- 12 min

Visit for more information. Philip Mantofa talks about his journey to hell. This is an excerpt from Furious Love: Deluxe Edition from Wanderlust Productions.

Published on Jun 18, 2013

Walking Among Spirits "More Love to thee"

Song by Fernando Ortega

Elizabeth Payson Prentiss (Portland, Maine, 26 October 1818 -- 13 August 1878) was an American author, well known for her hymn "More Love to Thee, O Christ"


A touching sermon by Attorney David Gibbs Jr. III on the murder of Terri Schiavo in 2005. How we value life as a society is determined by how much we value the life of just one person.

NASA Scientist Says World Should Prepare For Visitors

By BadWolf DaVinci  - 13 min.

NASA Scientist Says World Should Prepare For Close encounter with visitors from another world. This comes after the realization that there are more than a Billion Earths out in space...Are we being prepared to accept a close encounter with a brute alien race, or is this the next logical step in the "State Sponsored Fear Campaign". Are we all out of make believe bad guys here on Earth that we as Mr. Regan said long ago, "need an alien threat to unite the world under one government"? Is this one of the last dominoes along the line of false terror to be exploited by the world's elite? Only time will tell, but it sure seems that they are getting us ready to play that card...

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Derren Brown Satanic Illuminati Demon Magician EXPOSED !!!

The supernatural is real! In this video I show how "magician" Derren Brown is in fact a demonic sorcerer who uses demonic spirits to manifest his "magic" tricks! The guy even tels you that is exactly what he is doing !!! Please share this video !!! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

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