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    The Frank Box - Radio Transmitter to the Spirit Realm

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The Frank Box is known as an electronic Necromancy device used all around the world. This cellular spirit phones gives audio ability through electronic means to even those who are not clairvoyant. I know the theory behind this application to communicate with the spirit realm and it is possible. Several examples are seen on You Tube and are entertaining. One application or approach of understanding this technology to communicate with spirits is to look at it this way. When rain comes down on a tin roof, it makes not just the main frequency of sound, but the harmonics (several different frequencies at once all together) and echo effects of the main sound. Hence, the dreamy sound of a summer rain. We’ve all heard this familiar noise and can relate to it. This harmonic sound effect is modulated by the energy expelled from the demonic spirits ability to cause a manifestation and through this action has the ability to transfer its communication from one form of energy to another electronically captured by a radio receiver. Just like receiving a local radio station. Hence, sound waves from a form or type of energy transformed and received by another. Even if this is not a full explanation of the theory and cannot be confirmed, I know that this rain effect has been used in the past by spiritualists trying to communicate with the dead. Electronically it is more complicated than this simple example, but you get the idea.

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