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The definition of words is being altered - Abortion

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* The definition of words is being altered - Abortion

By controlling and altering the true terminology of words in general, reality can be altered to another’s perspective that defines these words! The truth is… killing a baby in the womb is murder. Dismembering a baby in the womb is mutilation. The ones redefining the reality of this fact call it abortion! Social engineering has altered the mindset and understanding of those who no longer know the truth about abortion.

    The truth about abortion is that it is the destruction and murder of life itself through eliminating the image of God and is a blood sacrifice. Unless all baby killers stop and repent they will experience the second death and be cast into the lake of fire. Those who bought into the lie and had or participated in abortions are extended grace and forgiveness through repentance. This is only possible because of the blood of Jesus Christ paying for the debt of our sins. Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ are accursed and have made their choice where they will spend eternity and who they serve until then. That is fact and that is reality!

    The DSM-5 (phycologist manual) alludes or suggests that those who believe in God or the mindset and belief of creation, as having a psychosis (spiritual psychotic disorders) of differing degrees. Those diagnosed with this spiritual psychosis are seen as having no ability comprehend the physical non-spiritual world or concept of evolution, which evolution in truth is a lie. So the process of redefining Christianity and the belief of God as our creator is now in motion. Just like it was for the altering definition of the fetus to been seen only as a blob of flesh with no significance to life in the 1970’s. Christians are the next victims of abortion being seen only as a malignant mass to be removed by any means possible for the betterment of a decadent society under the control of Satan himself, now known as ISIS and other demonic organizations.

   When you remove God and Jesus Christ out of society all life becomes expendable. Obamas health care death panels will also extend abortion to those who are living already practiced as partial birth abortion, or euthanasia of the elderly like in Oregon called assisted suicide. This means children already living lives will be terminated several years after their birth whether their Christian or not! This is called eugenics but in reality it is genocide and was practiced by Nazi Germany.

    Apollyon (dragon) is the name for the destroyer of mankind in the book of Revelation. So when one looks at the facts with the evidence seen in world today one hast to conclude the reality is the tribulation has already begun. This fact also stands in the way of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine with Christian being slaughtered by the thousands by ISIS being funded by Globalist who are in reality luciferians, the creators of Obama. So those who are in Christ Jesus that were and will be martyred for their faith their rewords await them by God himself through the redemption of Jesus Christ. So even though they lost their physical lives because of their testimony of Jesus Christ, they have found it!

   So the question defining your truth is… if you are a professing practicing Christian, is their enough evidence God calls fruit to convict you when brought before the luciferian cancel? Remember, God will provide a table before our enemies. Greater is He who in us than he who is in the world; and if God is for us, who can be against us. God through the Holy Spirit will tell us what to say when brought before the demonic cancel in the last days and for us not to worry. This is what reality will look like and the truth is the only thing that will set you free, but only after heartfelt repentance.

    Without true repentance and confessing your sins you are rejecting the blood of Jesus Christ and placing yourself back underneath the law. That is fact! So what sin have you not confessed that is giving Satan a stronghold on your life? Remember, you are already forgiven no matter what you did... you just need to receive and be obedient to the commandments of Jesus Christ the Son of God. For there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! Nothing more and nothing less… and anything more or less comes from Satan. So the definition of words under the control of demonic has and will alter the perspective of those who do not know Gods word.

    Stay in the word and renew your mind daily so God can define who you are in Christ and not what Satan says you are in the world!

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