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SPOT™ Satellite GPS Messenger

   More than once in my Search & Rescue experiences I have dealt with lost hunters or hikers who miss read or denied the severe weather reports or conditions. Or just entered into the wilderness unprepared and found themselves in a dangerous position. Unfortunately more than one ended in a loss of life. Now, it’s not always the victim’s fault. Circumstances can put anybody in a position that could turn on them in a heartbeat. So the obvious is to prepare for all situations. However, not all the situations can be thought of before hand. And carrying a heavy load of extra gear is not the answer.

    So with that, being able to summon help, or let others know where you are could drastically change the circumstance to a more favorable outcome if an emergency should arise. If you’re by yourself, injured, wet and cold, the SPOT™ Satellite GPS Messenger is the answer. And having the peace of mind knowing you have the ability to call for help no matter where you are is priceless. Especially when you're deep into the wilderness fare away from cell phones, Forest Rangers and your vehicle.

    SPOT’s coverage reliably encompasses the United States, Canada, most of South America and parts of Europe. So not only are you able to call SOS/911 from almost anywhere, but you can also send you’re tracking progress and post them on Google maps. Now your friends and family can see where you are and know all is well with you while on your adventure. And if your situation drastically changes to unfavorably conditions. You have the ability to select by designated push buttons help from friends, or the professionals by the SPOT™ Messenger selection of alerts. Or just say hello with you predetermined message along with your location.

    The SPOT™ Satellite GPS Messenger does require a service plan to operate and upload your information to assigned satellites once you have purchased the messenger unit. The fee is reasonable and a one-time charge will cover a full year. Other coverage options are available. Also available are options to just tracking your venture at about half the cost compared to a standard service. But, if I carry a SPOT™ GPS Satellite Messenger then I would utilize it fully with the rescue options.

    SPOT™ second addiction does come in two colors, NATO orange or silver. Included in the shipping package is a versatile mounting case with several methods to mount the SPOT™. With the Velcro strap as part of the case you can wear the SPOT™ either on your arm, mount it to your daypack. Or, utilize the included a small carabineer to mount SPOT™ anywhere. SPOT™ second addiction operates on three Lithium AAA batteries (03-2023) included (keep spare batteries on hand.) Where the first generation operated on two AA batteries.

    SPOT™ does meet or exceeds IPX7 for waterproofing, J1455 vibration standards and MIL-STD 810E for humidity rejection. SPOT™ operates between -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C) and altitudes from –328ft to +21,325ft (-100m to + 6,500m) and should be operated in a clear open-air environment for best results.

    Now that you know SPOT™ Satellite GPS Messenger is available and now know what its capabilities are. Would you won’t to go where you have in the past without it?

These reliable signaling technologies including the SARLink™ 406 PLB have saved more than 25,000 lives since 1982.

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

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