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One of the most beautiful gifts from God is also one of the most destructive curses from Satan, and that is the soul tie! God’s design was for one man and one woman to bond and become husband and wife. They were to be one flesh until “death do us part”. The term flesh is meaning soul tie bonding, spiritual bonding and relationship bonding together. This entails physical incorporation with affection, tenderness and sexual relations. The human is made up of basically three parts. The soul, the body and the spirit man are what make us tick. There are others who prefer dividing it into five parts, including the mind and some say personality. For simplicity I will use the three part description to get my message across for simplicity’s sake.

   We can have soul ties with children, parents, siblings, friends and even pets. We can even have a soul tie with God and our Lord Jesus Christ which I will refer to as a divine soul tie. This is God given, and I believe Enoch, Elijah, Abraham, King David and so on had this as a gift from God to be in a special relationship with Him. If you seek God as they did you yourself can be bonded with our Father in heaven with a divine soul tie. This is one of the most beautiful arrangements that God has allowed His children to have and savor. This divine creation tethers us to God so that no matter what happens in our lives we will always return to Him.

   Please keep in mind as we go through this teaching I use the term “tether’ when referring to soul ties. This means we are connected, attached with distanced allowed, but only so far before the link pulls us back or stops us all together. This is important in understanding soul ties being that they can divinely bond, or keep us in bondage to a demonic relationship that is not ordained by God. It was never His wish that any particular two individuals should have entered into relationship that would ever do so. This would change the course of their lives and lead to destruction being demonically orchestrated.

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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