What is that in the sky? It looks like a missile passing over Phoenix!

  By Scott Hensler  


  While I was going from Chandler Arizona into Phoenix during sunset, this is what I observed the day of the missile sighting on Monday, November 8th 2010. When I first observed the rocket it was still going upward just above the mountains to the south-west of Phoenix and had just veered in a north-eastern direction (giving it a dog-leg look) while still continuing upward. It looked much like the pictures out of LA that I saw on the news the next day. It caught my eye because of the intense jet stream (exhaust) and the sunset illuminating it. I see jet streams all the time behind planes coming into Phoenix, but this one was different in its size and how fast it was moving or bellowing out exhaust. The texture of the clouds or ice crystals coming from the rocket was also much larger by at least three times then normal. The exhaust was not smooth like cirrus clouds compared to other jet plane patterns. It did not seem to move anymore while well over Phoenix. Placing it now eastward with a slight north heading toured New Mexico. I would place it may be over the White Mountains of Arizona, possibly above the town Show low. It disappeared like it stopped. However, I think it climbed to a point it was no longer visible to the naked eye, hidden by the atmosphere. I've noted that some of the reporters said it could not be a rocket or missile because it was moving to slow. However, it was not moving slow. I estimated it only took seven minutes or less to complete the run I just described. Here are my notes from when I witnessed this event:


    Estimated distances:

LA to Phoenix: 352 miles + Phoenix to Show low: 180 miles = Total distance: 532 miles

I know it was launch West of LA so maybe add 30 more miles totaling: 562 miles

Note: No calculation considered for the curvature of the earth in this estaminet.

Total time of sighting estimated:  < 7.0 minutes from first sighting to not seeing it move anymore.

    Event time and location as I saw it:

Here is my information of location and time. Not being a math enthusiast maybe someone else can calculate the airspeed with my information. I think it was around six o’clock but do not remember. I have retraced my steps to get the estimated time of ravel of first sighting to end.

* First sighting of missile going North looking West. One thumbnail distance up from horizon > I was on Freeway 143 going North passing over Sky Harbor Blvd. (3B) by Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix.

* Half-way point of sighting about 4 minutes into it while going West on 202 loop at about 32ed Street: < Now missile is over downtown Phoenix approximately above Central Avenue but way North of Phoenix >

* Lost sight of any movement while looking Eastward over Camelback Mountain at 7.0 minutes or less looking toured New Mexico. I am now on Freeway 51 North bound at about Osborn in Phoenix. That is about 7 miles of travel at 50 to 60 miles an hour. Traffic was moderate that day with no delays.

Note: Jet stream (exhaust) stayed for about an hour and was not able to be seen much after that because of nightfall.

All the information I provided is approximate and can only give an estaminet from memory. From the extreme west to the extreme east in just under seven minutes is astounding to me!

   All I can say is what I saw... and what I saw was a fast moving rocket/missile moving across the Phoenix skyline at sunset. And hearing the denials concerning the event I witnessed was extremely disturbing and gave me even more reason to find my News elsewhere!

Raw Video: Mystery Missile Appears over Southern California. Helicopter CAM "no audio"

Note the reporter saying it was a slow moving missile if any at all when it only took less then seven minutes to come from LA area to eastern  Arizona. Why did George Noory say it went into the ocean? What ocean? Atlantic? It flew over Phoenix going eastward!

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By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

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