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The term paranormal has a large meaning of anything other than what is normal. That really opens up one’s mind to all kinds of phenomena. As mentioned in one of my radio broadcasts on stargates and portals, I repeatedly experienced paranormal phenomena while hiking in Northern Arizona on the Mogollon Rim area above the town of Payson. Sasquatch sightings have been reported in that area for over fifty years or more. It also was an area that General Crook directed his solders before the 1900’s, to control and stop renegade Indians from killing ranchers. A battle known as “The Battle of the Big Dry Wash” occurred where many settlers were killed along with several Indians.

   My point in relating that information is that there was blood spilled (murder) in the same area where I had experienced some type of portal. The surrounding temperature would drop when I entered this imaginary box on the trail I would frequently hike. When I would leave this imaginary box on other side of the trail the temperature would return back to normal. While in this imaginary box-like atmosphere, I could tell something was different about the feel of things surrounding me not just the extreme temperature change. It was as if I was in a concert hall, knowing there was depth and height to the surroundings, yet in an open area with the feeling of being in box at the same time. That is paranormal! That effect of the imaginary box and the temperature drop disappeared when I became a Christian in early 1990’s. How interesting that it never affected me again no matter how many times I returned to the same place over the years after giving my life over to Jesus Christ! Now the trail is disappearing with vegetation growth taking it over and a new trail is starting just to the west of it. I am not sure why that is, however if it is a stargate or portal it may be closing.

   I revisited the same area in 2010, with the intention of testing the paranormal waters, so to speak, by seeing what paranormal activity I would encounter by causing it to raise its ugly head with me being in the spirit and wearing the full armor of God on. (Ephesians 6:11) I wondered if I would feel anymore cold spots as mentioned earlier. Would a portal appear? I also did this knowing there had been recent activity reported by those who are Mogollon Monster investigators. The Mogollon Monster is a Sasquatch-like creature in the local area named after the ridge that runs from Strawberry, Arizona, going eastward between six and seven thousand feet altitude.

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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