Nightmares and Night Terrors

Sleep depravation - Sleep walking - Post traumatic stress - Curses by someone causing nightmares

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Nightmares are one of the most horrific mental and emotional stressors that can cause everything from heart attacks by inducing psychosomatic death, to sleep walking or running resulting in personal injury to yourself or others. Nightmares even destroy relationships including marriages because of violent acts that may occur during the traumatic nightmare. The affected spouse may strikeout and injury anyone in bed with them. Murder during traumatic nightmares has even been recorded with the one having the nightmare not remembering what really happened during the death event. They wake up and find their loved one dead by their own hands, causing even more trauma with more nightmares to come. This is demonic and both parties are victimized!

   Nightmares can be brought on by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) from war events or violent past personal attacks, whether by rape or attempted murder is common. Some WWII and Korean vets, including Vietnam, for decades are documented as suffering these phenomena. The veterans relive the same traumatic experience over and over again in their dreams with no closure to end the torment and inner pain. The recent events of war, including Iraq and Afghanistan, are taking its toll on our young troops with suicides at an all-time high for those in the military and the recently discharged. Suicide is the number one reason for United States soldiers’ deaths right now! It is not war connected fatalities from bombs, gunshots or friendly fire causing this alarming statistic. All have suffered nightmares and ended their lives to stop the suffering! This is tragic and unacceptable when something can be done about it through divine intervention from the Christian Church known as deliverance.

   So, are nightmares a mental emotional condition or possibly a demonic infliction? The answer is both! Anyone who suffers any dramatic altercation is going to be traumatized; however, the devil does not waste any mental or physical suffering and takes full advantage of it. Fear is one of the main entry-points the devil uses to gain access to its victim’s mind. We were not made to suffer ordeals such as war, violent accidents or assaults that injure our very soul. Remember God’s words in 2 Timothy 1-7. “We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power and love, and of sound mind”. So anything other than a sound mind comes straight from the devil himself, and he exploits it! The battle is in the mind and the fiery darts will take its toll in time if one does not know how to stand against them in the name of Jesus Christ.

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