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The mythic monster and unsightly creatures are known all around the world to be nothing more than a fairy tale to scare little children and create legends to improver tourism. However, as we look closer into this phenomena of monsters and creatures there is more than meets the eye! The ghost in the closet and the hand that grabs you from under the bed is more real to some than others. There is a good reason for that being real to some and not just nightmares. Demons are the largest problem when it comes to things that go bump in the night. The crossover from demons and monsters needs to be understood. So what you may have thought I was going to cover is really going to take you to something so seldom talked about in the past it may overwhelm you. Before researching monsters and creatures for myself I did not even know the difference since I thought all paranormal activity was either demons or angels. In fact, I am still trying to wrap my brain around my new findings that have been in front of all of us from day one. Some are even in print. This phenomenon is increasing more and more too extreme realism as we move closer to the end-times. The end-times has already started and is ready to accelerate to a level that so few of us are ready for. In reality, who is really ready for nightmares coming to life? Whether you are a battle hardened Christian who is proficient in spiritual warfare, or a non- believing atheist who sees these things as nonsense, this is going to be hard for anyone to grasp and fully understand. The ramifications of these things already exposed or being revealed in the near future is upon us now.

   There are, and have been, paranormal incidences happing all the time, day in and day out, month after month for the past few thousand years. Bigfoot (Sasquatch or Yeti) accounts for most of them in remote wilderness areas along with demon manifestations referred to as the paranormal in populated cities residing in haunted houses and the like. So here are two aspects. This is not counting things still yet to come. Angels, either good or bad, account for some of the other abnormal things people see and experience. UFO sightings and even alien abductions are occurring more and more as we move closer to the end-times. They are given little or no United States news exposure but have become common place in other countries. Werewolves, Moth-man, Shadow people, Shape shifters, Oannes (half man half fish), Black eye children, and even Lizard people (reptilian) make up for the rest of the sightings and experiences. Still, nearly all demon spirits manifesting to physical or inhabiting animals acting like monsters, except for the fallen angel sightings, are mistaken for UFO’s.

     Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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