Matters of the Heart

Loving Heart - Brokenhearted - Hardened Heart - Evil and Wicked Heart

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This chapter is in direct relation to soul-ties and deliverance with the status of the heart directing our path in life. Concerning soul-ties the heart is heavily influenced by divine or demonic bonds to the point that decisions are made that either lift us up or tear us down. They either bless us or curse us. This is also based in conjunction with our relationships with God and others whether we will or will not be snared with the bait of Satan. Satan’s trick of the trade is to move us outside of God’s protection due to ungodly soul-ties that draw us into iniquity. Concerning the heart in relationship to deliverance means being set free of demonic oppression and can only take place if we are willing to turn over our hearts to God completely! This includes the total removal of pride and unforgiveness which is like wickedness in the sight of God. Without the release of either of these sins no man shall enter into the gates of heaven because he is without love of the Father and the brethren, and this manifests as bitterness. Soul-ties can keep us in this bondage if your current status just discussed is being driven demonically through an ungodly relationship that forms ungodly soul-ties. The love of someone may only be there because of a soul-tie causing lust drawing you in with sex. If this is the case this is not godly love. It is love in bondage being demonic in nature especially if it’s outside of marriage. I bring these subjects up in this chapter because all are intertwined and have to do with each other. As you will see the status of your heart is everything to God and since God is love, and the heart feels love it can be persuaded one way or another since we have free choice. Your heart is the main line to the God of the Heavens that keeps our souls in check opening us up to righteousness. If you lose your fist love being God you will embrace evil. You cannot have it both ways as Judas Iscariot tragically found out!

   If the human heart, being the description of our inner emotions, was not so important to God, life would not be so complicated and challenging concerning the matters of the heart. If this was also true not to be so important to God, then the heart is not a main part of who God is. Satan himself, with his army of demons, would not try and destroy the heart of man with the determination of a monster having no remorse if this was also true. The battle is in the mind of man in regard to demonic attacks with them injecting emotional thoughts that directly affect the human heart with pain and suffering that grips our very souls. God brings joy, peace, love, kindness, long suffering and patience. The exact counter of divine love is Satan who is the world’s first narcissist with hate beyond our comprehension toward the image of God which is man. Knowing and understanding the true first representation of the heart of God before the fall of man can set the stage for a lifetime relationship with Him through divine understanding. My point in this statement is with this fallen world. It is hard for mankind to know God as love and its purity being divinely inspired with all the evil infractions taking place in our lives. This counter measure of Satan to disrupt our hearts making us angry, bitter and resentful has shown to be quite successful. The reason for such a heartfelt attack by Satan is to keep us out of a relationship with God that also sets the stage for our destruction.

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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