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Average day of a deliverance minister

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This chapter will describe a typical day for a deliverance minister. I have seen just about everything concerning the spirit realm and the people who are affected by it. Whether it is by a phone call, a house call or someone coming into the ministry office, I am always guaranteed something new. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all happen before there is a new demon spirit to add to the list. There are millions or possibly billions of demons in the sprit realm from this second heaven that separates us and is referred to as the Gulf Fix. This spiritual dimension contains every kind of spirit from a wolf, snake, spider to bird spirits, and even dragons can be the next one to manifest. What will manifest up in an individual coming in for deliverance is just going to be another day in the office. I am not making light of the subject. Like any first responder or police officer, after time little affects you. Once you have become immune to the supernatural it all runs together just being the way it is. A police officer survives years of service because he becomes wise to the criminals way of life which is much like Satan who steals, kills and destroys. The day I drop my guard is the day a spirit pretending to be an idiot is really going to be a powerful witchcraft demon and try and take me out as if I was shot. The demons are waiting for me to make a mistake and let my shield of faith down. This could occur if I am not operating in the Holy Spirit and the unclean spirit may jump on me, or an associate who has not put on the full armor of God. In fact, I have experienced deliverance ministers that may still have something yet concerning past issues not rectified yet. They may end up, before the day is over, needing a deliverance themselves because something attached to them making them not feel right or sickly. Maybe the new deliverance minister comes back the next day complaining of nightmares they never had before. I have been slammed many times before by demons and anyone who is in the ministry knows what I am talking about. If this happens to you just renounce it off, and cast it down before it takes hold so it does not become harder to remove later.


   One rule of a deliverance ministry is no one other than the one administering will lay hands on the one being delivered unless there is an understanding of the situation. Also, all that are present must have proven beforehand that they can withstand a demon trying to inflict punishment or worse, actually transfer to them. I have seen spectators get excited at the events of the manifestations taking place and think they were going to help and then touched the manifesting person. Sadly, then there was a transference that took place. Sometimes both ways! There is nothing worse than this happening because it can stop the deliverance resulting in the one we were praying for not being delivered. This was the demon’s plan all along to delay or stop the deliverance. Now a rescheduling is needed and that may never occur. Now we have the one who touched and interfered with the deliverance, manifesting or will manifest later when they get home. I have seen people take things (spirits) home with them only to return to be delivered of the squatter demon. This demon thought they were going to get a new home by jumping in to the individual with no one knowing it at the time till later!


   The spirit realm is like a court room. The court is set when everything is in place with me being spiritually right with God, or if there is a team member assisting me who is right with God. Anything out of order can mean the demons will not acknowledge the authority and will not obey us or leave the individual we are working with. I have even had the demons laugh at me because someone challenged me during a deliverance that was new and did not understand the order of things and should have asked a question afterward instead of injecting their opinion. This means we all were no longer in agreement and were divided. A house divided cannot stand, and as I was explaining, the spirit realm is like a courtroom. If there is anything out of order there will be no deliverance! When things are in order and all are in agreement we get to watch God release his power by the Holy Spirit and just be in wonder of the spirit realm seeing the miracles take place that God is doing to set people free. No matter how big and bad the demons are, they are subject to us and we have full authority to cast them out! My first experience with seeing a deliverance, known as an exorcism, was like watching the Bible come alive and see the Holy Spirit set people free. If God were not in control and Jesus had not given his life to stand against the wiles of the enemy, there is no way this could ever be accomplished. Being in the flesh or trying to go toe-to- toe with demons without the blood of Jesus Christ would not end well for anyone trying to slay the dragon or to send him packing.


    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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