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Freemasonry and the Illuminati

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This chapter will uncover the Freemason’s hidden agenda of indoctrination of men through seemingly harmless oaths taken by all who first enter into the Masons and other lodges. They are knowingly or unknowingly swearing allegiance to Satan himself who is referenced as Baphomet (Satan as a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard being both sexes ) that will manifest as the spirit of the Anti-Christ if they become more involved going higher and higher in the Mason Degrees. These oaths pull them away from God as far as possible in hopes of no return for the men who are ensnared. This includes the renouncing of Jesus Christ and the mocking of the Holy Communion. These life changing oaths lay the foundation for curses to attach themselves to the men who take them and their families. These secret ceremonies, from First Degree Apprentices to Master 33 Degree and other levels, open doors to the spirit realm and give legal right to the demonic to have full access to them and to their families. At the end of this chapter in, I have included website links directing you to information for renouncing Freemasonry.

   Secret ceremonies involve hand gestures and rituals being choreographed by reenacting the events that simulate the hanging by the neck till dead, being hoodwinked with a mask and dying by the sword is common. This is just a glimpse into a few of the rituals that are part of this indoctrination. This brings men one step closer, with each ritual, to full acceptance of the spoken curses while being witnessed by other Masons. If they reveal the societies secrets to anyone outside the order, or if they try and leave these organization then all spoken curses will be released on them and their families keeping them in bondage. Through coercion, they cannot leave the Masons. These rituals are just as binding as if they are putting it in writing and signing their souls away by swearing allegiance to Satan. These willful acts are putting the nail in the coffin so to speak of those who partake in theses ceremonies. Most have no real idea of what they are really doing to themselves and family. It is all seemingly harmless to those first entering into this demonic, cultic establishment looking for acceptance, comminatory and fellowship with likeminded men of all ages. Once the oaths have been taken the curse of the Masons begins immediately in their family and continues down the bloodline until it is renounced and broken. Most never renounce the oaths taken since they do not associate their ill-plighted future to their own spoken words cursing them. They do not realize that they have cursed their new bride who now has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease, their son is now in a mental institution and on and on with no relief in sight. Possibly even their successful family business for over fifty years is now going bankrupt. These curses haunt and destroy them until death and this includes family members. These curses have all been written off as being nothing more than “it’s just the way things are” or blaming each other as husband and wife for the tragic events in their lives splitting the home instead coming together to support each other during these times of trouble.

Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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