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The subject of Hell or Hades in sermons nowadays is almost void. The sins that take us there are also not addressed so as not to offend the congregation. Some pastors tell their congregation that hell is nothing more than a metaphor referencing and comparing one’s ugly nature to past example of evil and where it comes from. Some teach that evil is only in the hearts of men who have not come to the understanding of love. The heart is wicked; however, evil is alive and well and comes in the form of what they are and that is the devil, fallen angels and demons. Demons are everything from unclean to familiar and all classifications in between. Evil spirits, which are demons, who act out their ugly nature through the sins of man enabling them to project their curses onto man. This is the road to hell if you take the bait and willfully sin without repentance.

    If there is a heaven then why would there not be a hell? If God’s Word in the Holy Bible talks about one destination alternative, why would the other not be real in our destiny? I have over the last decade, while ministering deliverance on demonized individuals both Christian and non-Christian, seen what comes out of people in the form of evil. I have no doubt that hell is a real place, and I intend to avoid it at all costs! When I cast out demons I send them to the pit (hell) and they do not want to go there or ever return. Jesus encountered the tormented demonic man at the Gadarenes. This man had an unclean spirit demon calling himself Legion who was crying out to Jesus. “What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?” (Mark 5:1-10) The Legion then begged to be sent into the pigs. The Legion was trying to avoid the abyss known as hell.

   Note, I said when I cast them out I send or return them to the pit which is hell. Demons seem to have been coming and going for centuries out of and back to hell. Maybe they were cast out of someone five or thousands of years ago by a deliverance performed by a saint setting a captive free or healing the sick. How or why they return from the pit I do not know. If a demon can’t stand it or is terrified of it and wishes not to return then think of how terrible it would be for man to go there. We see in Revelation 9:2, that the ground opens up and from the bottomless pit will arise locusts-like creatures to afflict man with torment. Along with this is the darkening of the sky with dark smoke. Sounds like hell to me!

     Continued in the book “The Second heaven Invasion”…

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