Has the whole world gone mad?

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    I remember going to the movies with my parents to see “It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” in 1963. I was seven years old then watching it at the old Kachina movie theater in Scottsdale, Arizona. The movie is based on the testimony of a dying man and his story of buried money that could be found under the big “W”. This started a race involving several people, to see who would find the money first. On the big screen I was watching grownups act like crazed, selfish people. This was funny and confusing to me at the same time. Remember, I was only seven and for me grownups were without issues and solid, standup people. Somehow I knew the world was not really as it seems with mature adults, but I still knew they were in charge no matter what! So would people really act like that over money? Even though the movie is fictional it has proven not to be so far off the mark since the day of its release. People are acting crazy instead of being stable in all their ways! One thing is for sure, even though the movie was made in the sixties, it was prophetic by showing the insanity that awaits us. As a nation we are not anywhere close to what we were in that era. We had general morals that were taught to us based on biblical teachings, and we had an understanding that we lived in the greatest nation on earth. Now as a nation and a people we are being taken apart piece by piece, one by one, with God being removed from every way of life.

    I still remember prayer in school and the day it was removed. The same thing happened with corporal punishment. Those days are gone and most likely we will never see them again. This was also the year of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination that laid the foundation for murder of our nations’ leaders if they did not go along with the New World Order. From that point forward, the inroads the Globalist has made are now coming to full term. In reality, this method of altering the presidency dates back even before the assassination of President Lincoln with his assassin living out his days in Europe instead of dying in the barn fire as told to us by the disinformation specialist of the time. Has the world gone mad? Or should I say the world has been going mad? That may be a better description with a few still holding out with logic and reasoning. Some still are able to know right from wrong!

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