Boundary or Claim Marker?

Red Phoenix bird - Hammer and sickle emblem

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Location: This picture at right was taken on Latour Peak, south of the Cataldo Mission on the highest peak in Kootenai County, Idaho near Frost Peak Lookout. Note the highest peak. Two more were sighted nearby with an abandoned mine in the area. Others across the US have been seen as well. There is concern among those who know what this means!

Description: The hammer and sickle on a red Phoenix bird emblem attached to a pine tree fifteen feet off the ground or more. The hammer and sickle are associated with the Soviet/Russian nation. The symbol is globally recognized for Marxism, communist parties or socialist states. Even Asia communist countries use the hammer and sickle as their nation emblem declaring communism authority and rule.

The Phoenix bird is known for symbolizing a once destroyed nation or people returning out of the ashes and rising to superiority in the form of rebirth destine to rule and reign over their past oppressors. Note the Phoenix bird is in red which also symbolizes Russia with the hammer and sickle in yellow. Also note that even Nazism used the Phoenix bird resembling an eagle, including the Roman Empire. Both once striving to be the world dominant ruler inflicting tyranny and destruction on any who would oppose them.

The Phoenix bird can be confused with the American Eagle. The American Eagle on the back of the US dollar bill is really a Phoenix bird in conjunction with Horus the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid signifying Luciferianism control and ownership known as the Illuminati dating back to Nimrod at the tower of Babel in the Old testament.

Conclusion: Communism in the form of the New World Order (Illuminati/globalism/CFR) is claiming areas around the United States. Russian soldiers (spetsnaz) have been seen throughout the US and are most likely the ones who are placing these boundary markers as climes to specific areas in the US, and in time the whole United States of America!

The Illuminati is known to warn their victims with occultic symbolisms before their planned final assault takes place!

Have you seen one of these emblems or something like it?

Let us know and include a picture with a brief description if you can. We will post your submission along with the original picture above to warn every one of the coming New World Order occupation orchestrated by past and present president administrations known as marshal law…