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Global Positioning System and will they always be available to the general public!

    One of the greatest inventions man has ever developed to assist military, commercial and general public use is the Global Positioning System, commonly known as the GPS.

    Time and time again GPS mobile models for driving or hand-helds used by hunters and hikers have saved time and lives since their introduction in the late seventies and early eighties to the public. Other versions in use for Maritimers have been around for more than sixty years using radio triangulation from land based transmitting sites. Which still have their usage alongside the satellite systems in place today. This method is also used by cellular phone towers to achieve the same results when trying to locate an injured or ill party calling for help. Even a GPS style operating system is available on some cellular phones using this same method, but also combining links with GPS receivers mounted on the cellular towers giving more accuracy of translation.

    There are other combinations basically offering the same technology for surveyors and even farmers in assisting them in plowing fields to planting seeds in controlled arrangements. Law enforcement agencies have also used this method to locate the bad guys. Desert storm was a great example of this trickery to find its prey and send deployment of arms to that location. And on that same note a cheating spouse may have his or her car GPS tagged and may wonder how they have been found out! The usage is endless. Just ask a professional athlete who wears a GPS watch to monitor their training progress when running or biking long distances.

    Other GPS like systems, referring to LOJACKTM, have already been in place for several years now, have been used to retrieve stolen cars, laptop computers and commercial construction equipment. This method also uses radio triangulations as its main source for locating and interacts with the GPS systems for pinpoint accuracy. They even guarantee that once LOJACKTM is activated that recovery could be in as little as 24 hours. Most police agencies have the computer controlled receivers for this system installed on their police cruisers and only need to activate the LOJACKTM to be able to find your property by simply driving around and locating the beacon signal to be directed right to your stolen item via the triangulations method.

    But what if one day it all was no longer available to us, the average Joe! Or the Marine Biologist tracking the Blue Whales in their migration period. So lets look at who is in control of the GPS network way above the earth with satellites orbiting overhead. Lets see what changed when President Clinton was in office about a decade ago. And lets see why the GPS system was contracted into reality by the US Government in the first place.

    So other than the older technology described earlier, who were the main contractors behind the engineering and development of the GPS network? Well, Motorola Government Electronics Division and other Government Satellite contractors were already in place to support military target tracking, troop ground movement and missile deployment instrumentation systems. So the main reason for the GPS system was strictly for military use but it also had a application for commercial use as well, with shared bands. Like keeping track of maritime ship locations in the high seas and the trucking industry in assisting them in moving their goods across nations. Railroads also have a form of the system in place.

    But do not forget that behind big money is always a new military venture. So the ON and OFF switch is in the hands of military leaders concerning the GPS system. Just like the cellular phone system. It could possibly not be available to us if there were a major outbreak of world chaos. Or even some kind of Marshal law put into affect because of possible terrorist organizational threats. So why turn it off? Well the bad guys can use it as well to do what they do with better accuracy if they are trained with this technology. Even public and commercial GPS equipment is advanced and offering incredible accuracy not known just a few years ago. So the GPS network is a two edged sword in the eyes of the US Government.

    When Clinton was in office he signed a bill to turn off the scramblers that kept the commercial GPS's from having the same or close accuracy as the military. So going from several meters down to possibly a few feet is now available to us all thanks to GARMINTH, TOMTOMTM and other manufacturers that have taken advantage of this lifting of the scrambling system. Who probably are the ones that convinced Clinton to do so in the first place? I'm sure there are other reasons, but as the general public I'm sure well never know.

    But on the other side, the scrambler could be turned back on at any time. Most GPS's could not recalculate fast enough to give any amount of accuracy with the scramblers in place. They still would be capable of getting from point A to point B but being in the middle of an intersection and having this system reactivated would not make my day. But with today's advanced GPS's and improved micro controllers they may be able to function better than their predecessors. But worst-case scenario would be if the whole system would go encrypted leaving all of us in the dark with a GPS that couldn't make any intelligible sense of the infected signals.

    We have become so reliant on today's technology that one link removed in our new way of life could affect all of us to a point of confusion and desperation as to what to do now! Kids today don't know what the world was like without cell phones and the Internet. If all of these things went away, it would be hard to adjust. But my main concern is why it all went away in the first place and how to be prepared for it. Don't think for a moment in today's world that these things could not happen to us all. I have other articles that describe this possibility and how to be prepared if and when it could happen. (See articles by Scott Eugene: “So big things are coming our way” and “Possible upcoming disasters will diminish communications between loved ones! )

    So whether or not any government Bureaucracy will affect GPS's is still yet to be seen. But I would not delay in purchasing any of these GPS's either handheld or mobile. They in some way will always have use in time of disaster and finding a gas station or a hotel in the middle of the night in a strange town while traveling.

    Most models today that are manufactured offer options at little or no extra cost compared to the base cost of the GPS in the first place. Like MP3 players and BluetoothTM mounted right in the GPS. Other options are the traffic delay warning systems using FM traffic receivers that can be external devices purchased at a later date. Newer GPS's already come with these options included. So when a local and State government agency needs to notify motorists of traffic jams, road closures and even weather alert conditions. These alerts are transmitted by the agencies and received on GPS that are capable of FM reception. These alerts will coordinate also with the new digital signs being erected on most major highways to assist in notification of traffic issues. Not all are in place but in time they will be nation wide.

    Other road warning GPS assisted accessories are XM NavTraffic™ systems capable receivers. GARMINTM offers both the FM radio receivers and the XM NavTraffic™ systems.      

    So being prepared for all possible situations that could be placed before us today should not be delayed much longer.

Hope you have found this information helpful.

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

Copyright -All rights reserved

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