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FRS GMRS Radio Operating Tips and Technical Explanations: Part V

Other options available with FRS GRMS radios and how to use them continued.

   Available today at an affordable price is the FCC approved no license required Proprietary Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Digital 2-way radios by TriSquare Electronics Corporation. As mentioned in Part-4, This could be the answer to secure safe operation. And available online through Wilderness Geek Online Storefront.

    I, the author, have had experience myself with this technology concerning telemetry remote monitoring and controlling of freshwater and wastewater pump lift stations systems in the past. So this technology has been around for a long time now for commercial use utilizing the Industrial Scientific and Medial Frequencies Bands (ISM.) And is reliable in my opinion based on my experience with all weather conditions and all terrains found in Arizona.

    The main idea is to jump from one frequency in random like (algorithm) sequence over a broad spectrum in the 900 MHz range. This allows clean uninterrupted and non-monitored communications between selected parties. This prevents eavesdropping and ensures completely secure conversation between you and your partner or partners.

    It is possible to have 100,000 users within range of each other without interference of normal voice conversation, once the units selected have been paired to each other from the start. It's now almost impossible to monitor these units since they have their own encryption-like handshake plus, they continually move around the frequency band specifically selected for eXRS (eXtreme Radio Service) technology. This means, good luck to those trying to monitor you with a police scanner since it moves so fast and it's digitized so no intelligible voice can be heard. These are options and capabilities not found on any standard analog radio.

    And at 900 MHz, offering one-watt of output power, this gives you talk-through-walls capability and has the same transmit strength as a standard FRS GMRS radio putting out five-watts of power. But with less power consumption of your battery, meaning longer talk time and longer distances, including talking through concrete walls and steel structures.

    TriSquare was thinking about the average user when designing its radios. Besides functioning with its own microphone headsets, they will operate with Motorola and Garmin remote microphone accessories. So now you have complete versatility from holding in your hand to concealing it and using indiscriminate voice communication.

    Here are some of the main features offered by the TriSquare eXRS Series 300 radio. Up to 10 billion channels giving private and secure interference free communications. Prevents unauthorized listening. No license required for USA and Canada. Legal for all users of any age both personal and business. Text messaging capable (SMS) and including caller ID with call waiting. Also offering phone book style contact list with up to 100 entries. One-to-One or One-to-Many calling options being easily selectable with keypad and monitored on a large digital display. Runs on either standard AA alkaline cells or NiMH rechargeable pack included. When in standby, the radios will revert to power save mode, where they will periodically go to low-power sleep mode and awaken on a regular interval to determine if a receive signal is present.

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

Copyright -All rights reserved

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