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Exorcism and Deliverance

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This chapter is for Christians and non-Christians. If you are a non-Christian being delivered from your sickness, it just may be what turns your heart to Jesus Christ by experiencing the power of God. Healing and Deliverance was and is for all, whether religious or non-religious, in the New Testament prophesied by Isaiah in chapter 61, and it still stands true today. In the Book of Luke 4:18, Jesus, while in the Temple, read The Book of Isaiah chapter 61, concerning the coming of the Lord. This teaching brings deliverance to mankind that they may have life through salvation and have it more abundantly by being set free. Deliverance and exorcism are one in the same. Exorcising demons out of someone is practiced by both Christian Saints and Catholic Priests. God and Jesus refer to us who believe and obey Jesus Christ, as Christians being Saints regardless of the order of man that the Catholic Church has practiced. In the great commission of Jesus Christ, the twelve Apostles were given authority by Jesus to cast out demons and heal the sick in Matthew 10:1 and Luke 9:1-3. This also has been given to all the Saints who are called to do the work of the Father and grater things we will do. (John 14:12) Jesus also commissioned seventy-two more in Luke 10:1 to continue the Father works. God gave the prophets of old the Words of knowledge to write down in their books to later be placed in the Old Testament as confirmation of this great decree. So then this is fact since it is the Word of God and documented in the Holy Bible!


   Galatians 5:16-26, describes and lists sins that cause one not to enter the gates of heaven, as well as what brings us out from underneath the law being the fruits of the spirit delivering us from death while walking in the spirit. I needed to clarify and justify this chapter on deliverance. If you are a Christian and are sinning with no repentance you place yourself back underneath the law and can find yourself giving legal right to the demonic to terrorize you. I see this day in and day out. All who come in to be delivered are Christians, not atheists. All who think Christians cannot have demons are putting all others who need deliverance at risk. Note in I Corinthians 5:5, that a young man was turned over to the devil so his flesh might be saved! So being tormented is one way to bring someone back into relationship with God once they get a real taste of evil. Repent and walk in the spirit so all will go well for you, and let’s move forward together setting the captives free! I made a commitment to God to do this, and this book is a testimony to my dedication to the deliverance ministry for others to learn and comprehend the need to clean ourselves up so we restore our relationship with God before the return of Jesus Christ.

    At the end of this chapter I will include deliverance prayers to use on yourself or others. It’s impossible for me to generate a formula in writing when each deliverance case is different. The main focus of the prayer is to release as much as possible regardless of your particular situation. You never know which way the Holy Spirit will take a particular deliverance since it is based on repentance , forgiveness and being servants of Christ Jesus. However, these are prayers in whole or in part that I will always use during a deliverance. This instruction of deliverance can also be used to break generational curses. (Exodus 20:5, Galatians 3:27-29, Hebrews 8:12) Deliverance should be under the control of the Holy Spirit being ministered by a godly Saint, with God working through them. If you were a heavy sinner and are loaded with several powerful demons you may not be able to do it on your own. If you just need a cleansing now and then, than yes, you can do it yourself. I have seen demons put people in a hypnotic state or slumber to avoid the deliverance with the individual going out cold for as much as an hour. People have reported when ministering deliverance to themselves, that is what happened when they tried when no one else was around. They found themselves waking up hours later from a trance with no real full understanding of what just happened to them. Some have needed others to take them home because it was not wise for them to drive if spirits were still waiting to be cast out. If you have a spirit of death, or a spirit of suicide it is wise to be ministered by a qualified team. When there are physical manifestations such as that, it shows there is possibly a near possession taking place. I have seen demons try and hurt the one being delivered. This means the sins from you or your bloodline are strong and you need assistance, or there has not been any repentance, forgiveness and you are not walking with God. Most likely the Word of God, even if you say you are a Christian, is foreign to you with no real comprehension of God’s Word to allow the Holy Spirit to prepare you for the day of deliverance. So it is important at that point to seek a deliverance ministry to help set you free with the chipping away of blocking spirits that may be keeping you away from a relationship God. I will however at the end of this chapter give some practical basics to do self-deliverance or contain demonic outburst that are tormenting you and your family. Since total deliverance requires repentance, forgiveness and obedience, please remember if you’re not willing to do all three at a minimal you’ll never get completely rid of demonic spirits or forever break any curses in your life.     


Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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Authored by Scott E. Hensler

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