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In the previous chapters I have described in detail, demons, fallen angels, Satan and his agenda in cooperation with those who have established themselves as higher beings of conscience accepting the doctrine of demons believing they should rule the world. This order of evil is willing, at any cost, to gain complete control and they have been able to fully access the US military and other foreign government troops for their purposes. This action is to finalize the beginning of the end for the US and other nations that have not cooperated with the Illuminati. We have, as a nation, systematically been eliminating any world leaders who oppose the New World Order to setup total centrally controlled Globalism. We are using our men and women of the US military to complete this agenda and this could not have been completed without US involvement. All the while every plan, step, procedure and success has been demonically driven to destroy and completely rule the world. I have mentioned before that only the forces of Satan and his band of thieves could have accomplished this to this degree regardless of it taking thousands of years. We are so far down the rabbit hole now that anyone who does not believe we are now in the last days is either already dead spiritually, or are under strong demonic allusion. I am simply going to point out some facts of what’s happening today and then address how this is all going to be finalized to bring in the end-times.

    Without the electrical power grid functioning in America and other advanced civilization that depend on electricity, we are all more vulnerable to the collapse of this resource than third world countries. Whether by nuclear created electromagnetic pulse (EMP), solar flares, or the earth magnetic poles collapsing, all indications and governmental research shows that within one year in the United States over ninety percent of the population will have perished. How could this happen? The US congress has rejected funding for the upgrades necessary to strengthen the power grid to protect these electrical surges from occurring and destroying the infrastructure of our power generation and distribution. Why would they do that? Because under the direction of the Globalist in population reduction Agenda 21 and the threat of patriotic US citizens who believe in the Second Amendment , would stand and fight against a foreign invasion. So methods like this are one of the simplest to implement and control or eliminate the masses in the US in their entirety starting with the civilian population then on to agencies like local law enforcement to be eliminated. Without electrical power there is no police dispatch, pumping of gas and no emergency vehicles able to be called to come to your aid. The ability to keep foods fresh and to deliver them to the perspective locations for distribution will also stop. What food is available will be depleted within 24 hours after any federal wide emergency.

    If you have stored food and water beforehand with complete access to them you’re better off than most. I recommend for long duration without electricity to use solar power from the sun since it is the only solution for small amounts of electrical power after the main power grid goes down. It may only recharge batteries for night time to power LED lights. However, without lights the inability to secure yourself in the dark makes you vulnerable so it is better than nothing. So I recommend purchasing a 12 volt voltaic solar charger system with regulators to charge lower voltage devise light flashlights and possibly a shortwave radio. Shortwave radio bands may still be in operation to some degree and will be the only lifeline to the outside world. Hold onto your firearms as long as you can. You have a responsibility to protect yourself and your family. If you perish your children will be left to the demise of the human enemy. God, guns, water, food, medicines and gold or silver in that order!

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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