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Emergency Supplies Recommended

Note: These items suggested are ones I use myself or have recommended to other in the past with satisfaction. The price range of these items allow for medium grade devices only, however when money is the issue they are better to have on hand when needed than to have nothing at all because you could not afford the high-end items.

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   Colloidal Silver Generator  Alternative antibiotic solution

   Solar Power Charger  - Note: This item goes on sale regularly and with a coupon be purchased for $140.00 plus shipping or obtained form a local store in your area. Note this needs to operate with recommenced deep cycle battery shown below.

   Inverters  - This item converts 12VDC car power to 110VAC house current. You will need to select the right inverter to match your needs.

   Deep Cycle Battery  - Since Walmarts are everywhere this is one good source for the deep cycle batteries needed for your solar charger. The larger size the better (size 29 or 28 is best).

   Battery 110VAC / 12VDC Charger -  This will deep the deep cycle batteries charged to full capacity while you still have power just in case the weather hampers the sun light keeping the solar charger from fully charging the deep cycle batteries.

   Battery case to keep the deep cycle battery safe

    Shortwave radios -  Note: Again price range may limit you. So here are some suggestions. These are only suggestions. There are several good brands and models other than these shown. For HAM RADIO monitoring the ability option on these radios will need Single Side Band capabilities to monitor the HAMs correctly. Shop around for best price!!!

   C. Crane CSW CCRadio AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio

    Grundig shortwave 1

   Grundig shortwave 2

   Grundig shortwave 3

   Weather Emergency Monitor Radios