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The Holy Bible is full of dreams and visions. The Revelation of Jesus Christ writing by John the Apostle is probably the most well-known of these visions. I am going to explain what dreams have been to me since I have been in the deliverance ministry. When I was delivered from a spirit of clairvoyants in early 2000, my dreams completely changed for the better giving way to more Scripture-aligned knowledge and visions. Anything I received prior to the deliverance was mixed with disasters, heartbreak, and even death. Now there is a peace and quietness for the most part with no nightmares or night terrors. However, there are warnings and signs of trouble showing me what is coming; of how and when the demonic is going to attack in my dream visions. There are even warnings of who is going to be the carrier of the cursed action against me. If I had not accepted the warnings and taken action in the way of submitting to God, getting on my knees, and rebuking the assignment given to the demons to torture me, the demonic effects would have been greater and more than it was. Yes, there were times I did not take it to the Lord and paid dearly for it by not being obedient and doing his will that was revealed to me in the dream visions. (Matthew 18:18) Do not be so proud that you will not get on your knees at two-o’clock in the morning and start warring in the spirit, or listening to what God is tell you.

   Note I said dream visions. I can only say what I experience and what others have told me. Whatever God gives me whether it be knowledge, direction and even warnings they seems to be different each time, but not necessarily as a dream vision. Some visions are like a movie playing where I am watching them as a spectator like in a dream. Others I am in the middle of it experiencing it as it happens like a real-time encounter. Whatever the method, I have learned to take note and search what God is telling me after it takes place. The more you seek the more He will reveal to you. Never forget to test the spirit and that it does not contradict God,s Word making sure it is from God!

 Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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