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Letter’s from Derek Prince                                              

Judgment Begins at Gods House  93-1

Spiritual or Soulish?  96-3

Spirit, Souls and Body   96-2

The Root of Antisemitism  95-4

The Error of Balaam   95-1

HUMANISM: Forerunner to Antichrist  94-2

Will Satan Ever Be Reconciled to God? 01-4

The Spirit of Antichrist 02-1

Battlefield of the Mind 05-1

Understanding Your Enemy 06-2

Barriers to Blessings 06-4


Because of Angles 

Angelic Intervention in Human Lives 00-1

Warfare in Heavenly Places 00-2

Principles of Spiritual Protection 00-3

Weapons of Our Warfare 00-4

Climax of the Conflict 01-1


Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit  98-3

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit  99-3

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit  99-4

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