Demons are not fallen angels!

However, they are the disembodied spirits of the hybrid giants from the Nephilim's

Demons - Sectoids - Ariens - Grays - Nordic - Aliens - Devils - Oannes

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Regardless of any positive media or spiritual insight giving the appearance that demons are nothing more than harmless paranormal entertainment, one must understand that demons are not your friend. There is no honor amongst thieves! Demons fool the paranormal investigators and New Agers into thinking they are the ghosts in your grandmother’s closet, or demons are just spirits that go bump in the night. When in reality demons are trained assassins whose sole purpose is to destroy you and your loved ones. Demons have had thousands of years to prefect their craft of lies, deception and murderous actions against mankind. Demons are in the minds of the mentally ill and in the hearts of world leaders who genocidally destroy millions of innocent people.

   Demons are the ones that murdered our President in the sixties using the Illuminati Luciferian occult hit-men. These secret societies are responsible for creating the CIA and other underground networks like the skull and bones just to name a few. And lastly, demons are under the control of Lucifer that old dragon known as Satan. Get the picture? They are hoodlums, thugs, thieves and gang members looking for trouble. When you go looking for trouble you’ll find it! That means they are looking for a free lunch when you willfully sin or are influenced into sinning by their antics and manipulating tactics ensnaring you to do something you would not normally do. They open a door and a legal right to enter your life and body by sin, setting up camp to harass you until the day you die. Some would say it’s like shooting fish in a barrel since they have the spirit realm advantage to see us when we cannot see them. It is as simplistic as going fishing in either a river or pond. They drop the line with a tasty bite size sin nugget that for the moment looks good, taste good and even smells good. Next thing you know, there is a hook in your mouth and no escape. This is how they move in and take over peoples’ lives through sin. They feed on sin like bears to honey!

      Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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