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Demon Possession vs Demonized Defined

Demonized - Diamonizomai - Infected - Demonization - Possession - δαιμονίζομα - ΔΑΙΜΟΝΙΣΟΜΑΙ

Demon possession vs. demonized defined: Body, Soul and Spirit

This definition and description is only to define the difference between being possessed, or being demonized. The argument of whether a Christian can or cannot have a demon is addressed with real-life examples and biblical reference given in other chapters showing that Christians can, in fact, have a demon. The whole point of this book is to remove the demons so all of God’s people can enjoy their full freedom in Christ Jesus. Anyone who is mentally ill by the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) standard is most likely dealing with spiritual issues (oppression/demonized) and is not necessarily possessed. If there are no physical concerns with the brain from trauma, chemical poisonings or prior surgeries, then ill behavior is most likely induced by unclean spirits (demons) and could extend from a generational curse. The same with physical issues as well, and even in combination going from one generation to the next affecting both Christians and non-Christians.

   The possibly of psychotic episodes--induced from antidepressants or curtain psychotropic medications that can mimic the appearance of demonization because of the ill side effects and complete mind-altering hallucinations--must be included in this definition. A misuse of certain drugs (prescription or non-prescription) is a form of Sorcery and can result in Pharmacia (divination/witchcraft using mind altering means to achieve enlightenment) which can and will open the door to demonize-tion of the user. I have dealt with countless Christians who, after leaving the hospital after surgery and being placed on strong pain medication, felt they were never the same again in their soul until they were delivered. Illegal drugs such as crystal meth and newer forms of escapism drugs are demonically infecting everyone partaking in them at an alarming rate--to the point of death from overdosing or suicide.

   Being hypnotized by a hypnotist or occult practices, can also open up doors to the demonic and one should never allow themselves to go under anything that puts their soul in a compromising state. Regardless of the circumstances, if demonization occurs or in combination of mind altering drugs, the unclean spirits being the demon(s) needs to come out of the individual suffering from any mental or physical torment so the mind and body can return to normal. It is that simple. No need to be classified as Bipolar or Borderline when the Blood of Jesus Christ can set you free! Freedom from demonic opposition is the whole point of this book… nothing more.

   We are three-part (tri-part) beings having a body (soma), mind/soul (psyche), and spirit (neuma). So our bodies and minds can be infected or demonized. However, if we are in Christ Jesus, our spirit belongs to God. If we are not, then all three-parts of us can be influenced and controlled by demons under ownership. So our souls become evil or possessed with evil acts that God finds detestable. If we do not repent and be delivered, in time, we can be turned over to a reprobate mind and not return from complete possession. If we blaspheme the Holy Spirit, we will also never return, and face eternal damnation in the lake of fire after the final judgment. Demons will try to convince sinners they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit when they have not. I find this with those who hear voices in their heads (schizophrenia) which are really demons taking over their mind and telling the person they are not redeemable. This causes a loss of hope of redemption in the minds of sinners if they buy into the lie, thus they give up and some even forfeit their gift of life through suicide thinking all is lost. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is a willful choice, and a permanent act of rebelling, not sin that is forgivable. So regardless of your situation God, has made a way out through his Son; but you need to fight back using the Blood of Jesus Christ to take back what the devil has stolen from you! If you have truly blasphemed the Holy Spirit, you would most likely not be reading this book or able to make sense of it to point you back to redemption through repentance.

   The word commonly used in referencing someone having a demonic spirit in the gospels is “demonized” (one having an unclean spirit or oppressed by one), and sometimes also referred to as being “vexed” or under the power of a demon(s). The Greek word is pronounced “diamonizomai” (dahee-mon-id'-zom-ahee) meaning one being infected, controlled or oppressed by a demon. I use the term “oppression” to mean demons from the outside causing emotional or physical issues on one or more individuals with little or temporary legal right to torment. Instead of demons being inside the person doing the same, however with greater intensity by greater sin-authority to cause real issues both physically or emotionally. The term “possession” was not necessarily part of the original gospels text. However, some translations over time are using all definitions and even in combination. Other terms not so well defined have slipped in taking away the seriousness of the consequences of sin that allow us to become demonized. Possession by true New Testament Greek definition does not mean ownership, but rather means to be under the power or influence by demonic entities(s). However, I must say that if one gives themselves over to Satan willfully (Satan worshiper/follower), they are under ownership of the demonic world and are not of God’s Kingdom. I will use “possession” strictly as an example of whom they belong to and as a high-level classification of demonization. I use a demon-scale system of 1 to 10 in regard to demonization of an individual when I minister deliverance to them. When demonization occurs on a scale of 1 to 2 it usually means only one or more demons, or few lower class demons; and the demons only having a nominal amount of legal right to infect the sinner because of forgivable sin. Full blown possession is at the top of the demon-scale being 10 and possibly having hundreds or thousands  of powerful demons (legions) in them, and around them. The sinner willfully surrenders their souls over to Satan, with possibly no redemption having been turned over to a debase (reprobate) mind.

    Regardless of which level of demonization is diagnosed during deliverance, or the true origin of the original text as it was written, there are only the two main categories I use in my writings if drugs and mind control weaponry (Psychotronics) are not a factor (which I will address later). These two categories are possession and demonization and have two distinct definitions as noted. Demonization is redeemable, but possession may mean all is lost! Use of one in place of another has confused most Christians and non-Christians to the point of denying that Christians can have demons to avoid the stigma of being demonically possessed. In reality, demonization can take place in and out of the Christian Church and is more common than is realized or acknowledge. So yes, Christians can be demonized until delivered of the unclean spirit(s) in a process known in the secular world as exorcisms, and also known as deliverance in Christian Church!

   The teachings in this book “Second Heaven Invasion” and all the “Spirit Realm” series books will reference demonization and not possession unless otherwise noted. Most accounts are demonization and not possession in real life with demonic encounters at this point in time. However, this will all soon change, and the world will experience God’s wrath as described in the book of Revelation and complete possession of humans and animals will become a common place. Demonization can give the appearance of possession at the time of manifestation (acting out the spirit(s) nature of the demon in a person) and Hollywood has taken full advantage of this phenomenon for theatric presentation purposes. Most people, including Christians, automatically think of possession--not knowing there is a difference because of incorrect teachings and presentations. When an evil spirit is physically acting out its ugly nature through an individual who is infected (demonized) with a demon, anything is possible. At that moment in time, they are unable to control themselves and are seen as being possessed when they are really demonized. Evil spirits, unclean spirits, demons or devils are the same demonic entity just called by different names and are under the control of Satan. The main point of understanding this phenomenon is that possession is “defining ownership” and demonization means “having an unclean spirit for a time”, and that is how I reference the two definitions in all of my writings for the sole purpose to show the level of demonic activity and strongholds.

   Before continuing, I need to address the possibility of electronically induced mind-control technology. In recent years, the introduction of fallen angel technology was given to man for the sole purpose of mind altering weaponry. These methods are now a factor in mimicking demonization. This technology is called Psychotronics (voice to skull transmission) and is part of the MK Ultra CIA and Pentagon mind control projects also known as project Monarch. Other nations are involved as well--dating back to WWII under the direction of the NAZI scientists performing human experimentation to prefect total control over others. We have already seen this technology used to cause individuals to kill others in psychotic episodes. One example was the US Naval Yard shooting, with the shooter describing ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) weapons driving the shooter to mimic the spirit of murder. The result was mass murder and the death of the victim of the ELF mind control. In combination of technology and demonization, the future rise of the Beast--described in The Book of Revelation--is already in motion and will include both demonic tactics. This makes removing a demon only one part of the de-demonization process, with ELF weapons still inducing demonization behavior even after a demon(s) has been removed. This is a nightmare for both the demonized, wishing to be set free, and the deliverer minister (exorcist.) Intervention of this technology needs to be implemented now before the masses are subject to this demonic technology. This technology can force possibly thousands of people at once to be under the mind control of a single evil organization. I address this counter measure in Chapter 28 “When it all Collapses”. When you read this book concerning testimonies and examples of ill behavior, remember there is now a possibility of drugs or advanced weaponry being a part of the demonization occurrence.

   A misunderstanding by most Christians and secular individuals concerning demonization is not just because of the mixing of words, but also because of man’s teachings that claim this all ended at the cross, when in fact it really just started! Yes, Jesus Christ did complete the law and conquered both death and hell, taking back the keys that locked (bound) us as captives. By doing so, Jesus gives us salvation and free-dom that was lost in the Garden of Eden when we ask Him into our hearts; however, we are also commissioned and empowered to carry on His work just as He did going about His Father’s business.

   Another source of confusion occurs concerning “possession” versus “Christians having unclean spirits” is by what has been wrongly taught in the Christian Church through the introduction of man’s doctrine and not what Jesus accomplished for us on the Cross. Implementing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by churches to remove these unclean spirits out of both Christians and non-Christians, is almost nonexistent because of man’s intervention and willful disobedience. The power of God has dominion over evil spirits through the Blood of Jesus Christ and we are to continue going about our Father’s business just as Jesus did. Thank you Jesus! Unfortunately, few churches understand this, and so demonization continues among the Christian brotherhood and is unchallenged for the most part except for a few Saints who know the truth and through deliverance carry the weight of the Christian masses on themselves. No opposition means total demonic control. No wonder this world is so evil since the church will not even deliver themselves!

   Another example of demonization is like having a sickness caused by germs or a virus that can be overcome. However, when the sickness occurs, no one has control over their bodily aches and pains, or how they emotionally feel because illness influences symptoms. So if one is possessed, that means the devil or his demons own the individual and could be compared to being terminally ill, not just sick for a time. Note that with any fatal illness, there are acts of God through grace that heal and deliver the dying from death--seen as miracles. So there is hope even for the possessed to be delivered from evil if they are willing to repent before death. If you are a Christian and have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are now owned by God and cannot be owned by the devil, so possession cannot occur, only demonization because of sin or generational curses. Deliverance is needed to remove any demon(s) once and for all out of the Christian, so their walk with God is not hindered through sickness or sinful bad behavior. Deliverance will also lead you to renouncing and the breaking of any curses that could be self-induced through sin or generational curses. The results of deliverance can be physical, emotional, and a spiritual healing of the Christian and their complete walk with God is restored as God originally intended. This can also occur with non-Christians in hopes of them receiving Jesus Christ by experiencing the power of God as we saw Jesus do. It enables them to feel and know that they have worth for the first time in their lives, instead of condemnation, and also experience the freedom from destruction of their lives that comes from demons. In order for this to happen the demons need to be removed!

   In reality, the distinction between the two definitions is simple and clear, and all of us through the Blood of the Lamb should be casting out demons and healing the sick regardless of what term is used.   Because of Hollywood movies and the Catholic Church teachings, demonization and possession have become seen as one, when they are not. This confusion has also placed fear in believers to stay away from such things not knowing the difference between the two. They think by engaging demons, as we were originally commanded to do, we are crossing the forbidden biblical line and will fall by the demonic sword. Not so!  We have been given all power and authority over the demonic for those who are in Christ Jesus!  A demonic possession of a non-Christian believer is becoming more common as the end of days approaches. Walking in the spirit of God (Holy Spirit) is your only protection against such people who have turned their souls over to Satan and his demons with themselves becoming the evil that is in them.

   Fully possessed individuals are dangerous, especially to our children! Until they are delivered and set free, they are capable of hideous acts against all of mankind. They are seen by God as wicked and they go about their father’s business--the devil. Even one who is demonized and rated high on the demon-scale but not possessed, can be just as dangerous if greater sin has given full demonic control, and the individual is no longer able to make rational decisions being no longer in control of their own will.

There is the question of what type of demon(s) are in the person who is demonized. Are they deception demons? Are they addictions demons? Or are they spirits of murder, suicide and destruction? It is important to know what demon(s) are in them--so you know what you are really dealing with and how to proceed. One must always work in the spirit so you have discernment of spirits to protect you in case there is an assassin in the nest of demons that can turn physically violent during deliverance! This is where the Holy Spirit needs to be in control at all times in deliverance and in your daily walk to give you discerning of spirits to keep you safe from demonic ambushes (snares) referred to in the Greek as Pagis.

   I know this first hand with someone being demonized--close to possession--trying to take my life more than once. Ending my life was like extreme hunger to the demonized, and they were willing at any cost to fill their demonic stomach of my blood and tissue resulting in me almost losing my left index finger from being bitten off! So total demonization or possession is real and will accelerate over the next years because of sin running rampant without any repentance. If it is a beloved family member who is bound by a demon(s), only the Blood of Jesus Christ will set them free. Hence, the purpose of the “Spirit Realm” series books to pick up where the Christian Churches that dropped the deliverance ball, left off.

   In reality, those who are secular and are not in Christ Jesus, are possibly possessed or have some ownership by Satan for a time, and can be demonized at any given time especially in the last days. This is because not being in Christ Jesus, secular people are potentially demonized due of their sinful nature, with no Holy Spirit protection, and operate in deception which pushes them away from God. Possession is recognized by acts of uncontrolled manifestations that occur during demonization outburst. So ownership is displayed through total manifestations of the unsaved causing acts of destruction to themselves and others. Rape, murder and other abominations can be the product of possession. This means the demon(s) take over the mind, body and soul of the possessed and cause them to act out the ugly nature of the unclean spirit(s) that is inside the person for that time, making them become evil. If it is a spirit of murder that is in control of the possessed, then the outcome is murder! After their terrible committed acts, most who are possessed do not remember doing it, and continue on afterward as if nothing happened till the devil comes calling again to destroy another human being. Or causes the possessed to take their own lives. This will frequently be seen in shooters who kill indiscriminately in crowds of people--even shooting children in schools and then do not remembering what happened. Possession has no good outcome and only serves Satan. This is why they are so dangerous because they have no concept or recollection of the event afterward, meaning total possession with spiritual mind control. Satan was the first narcissist and psychopath and has trained his army well!

   Even more terrible are those who know what they are doing and think they are doing the world a favor and see themselves as chosen and commissioned to take the life of others! No one gets away with sin and there will be a day of judgment for all who are not in Christ Jesus. Yet there is greater punishment for those who willfully commit crimes against the innocent such as children!

   Again, we are not possessed, but demonized by an unclean spirit if we have open sin that gives the demons legal right to us in our bodies and minds. Sin (also seen as curses) puts us back under the law and allows demons to oppress, infect and terrorized us through sickness, mental illness and uncontrollable behaviors. It means we have a demon(s) and are under the power or influence of a demon(s) because of sin, regard-less if we are Christians or not. If we confess, renounce, and ask forgiveness of our sins, we can take back the legal right given to the demon(s) because of our sin.  The Lord’s Prayer says He delivers us from evil. The Cross of Jesus Christ gives us this authority to remove the legal right with the remission of sins. Without, it we do not have any power over the devil to stand against him. Some sins allow more legal right for the demons than others. Curses are the same way, with demons being behind the curse carrying out the effects of the curse. Sins of the body and divination such as witchcraft are among the greatest sins, giving greater legal right to demons to infect and torment all who sin--including Christians.

   So do not confuse possession and demonization as being the same even though some translations may use either. They are only words thrown around by those with no real understanding of the true nature of demons and the sin that gives them the legal right to infect and control an individual. I believe for a time if repentance is sought, even those who are possessed can be redeemed. However, once the door is closed and you have not repented after God has given you a way out, death both physically and spiritually await you. While you still can, repent and ask forgiveness for your sins and receive the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart. Then you will receive eternal salvation and are given the power and authority to no longer be possessed and even be cleansed of demonization. It is that simple. Religion has made this free gift to be more complicated than it is through man’s doctrine. Jesus--plus nothing--will set you free!

   Some will argue that even Satan does not own us, only God does, and possession is only a symptom of sin or does not really exist. However, scripture tells us we belong of one or the other Kingdom with no middle ground. Anyone who has been in the deliverance ministry for a time has seen possession, not just demonization, control an individual to do things they would not normally do--including murder. Again, I use possession as a term defining that someone has willfully given themselves over completely and is owned by Satan at that point in time. In the last days, Satan will unleash his army of possessed individuals who will only listen to him and not God or fellow humans. This is by choice and they have sworn allegiance to Satan. So Satan owns them and they are demon possessed and will do all they can to destroy God’s people. If you have ever looked into the eyes of a demon possessed individual, you will only see death and not life.

   If you are an enemy of God, then you are not of His kingdom and have no place with Him. Again, there is no middle ground and only grace, for a time, keeps you from eternal death if you are becoming possessed and not yet completely taken over. You cannot have it both ways or live in the gray area I call the demilitarized zone (DMZ.) The DMZ is no place for anyone, especially Christians! God will extend His grace to cover your sins while you are being pulled one way or another--thus protecting you from complete possession for a time while you figure it out that sin means death--and turn back to God. However, the clock eventually runs out and the door closes even on those who think they are good people and do not need to receive Jesus Christ the Son of God as their Lord and Savior. Even man’s law upholds ownership of the one in possession of an item in question as being nine-tenths of the law. I rest my case concerning ownership and the difference between possession versus demonization! This is why the battle of good and evil is in the minds and hearts of people that through deception, demons can take a lost soul to the fiery pit with them in the end. You have a choice where you will spend eternity. I pray you make it to safety before being turned over to a reprobate mind and, through deception, willfully forfeit the gift of eternal life!

   As you read the chapters in this book “Second Heaven Invasion” and others in my “Spirit Realm” series, just remember the difference between possession and demonization. This will help you understand the complexity of Satan’s plan, through man, to destroy all who dwell on this earth. Also remember God is in control, and through His Son Jesus Christ, we are without condemnation and have been given all power and authority over the devil and his demons.

   More information can be found at to help you and your loved ones find deliverance from evil. Note any other means of trying to cast out demons without Jesus Christ is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost!

   So have no fear and hold your head up high knowing you are a child of the Most High God, and know that you will enter His Kingdom for eternity.

Praise be to God!

Please note: Any ministry that does not set their congregation free through the Blood of the Lamb’s Great Commission known as deliverance is denying God’s power and in part is assisting Satan in keeping God’s people captive. We are called in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to set the captives free as prophesied in Isaiah! That is you, me and anyone else who is being demonically tormented with destructive spirits whose soul goal is to destroy God’s people. If you are sick and wounded how can you serve God to your fullest…

Does your church have a deliverance ministry?

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

Deliverance prayers from Freemasonry

Scott - Copyright - All Rights Reserved 2014

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