Returning Veterans need deliverance, and we need them!

Nightmares and spirit visitations are common among returning troops who have been traumatized

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Demonized or Possession?

From the new book “Second Heaven Invasion

Returning Military Troops need deliverance and we need them!

PTSD - Depression - Suicide - Anxieties - Rejection - Injuries

Deliverance for our troops needs to be implemented for all men and women who have seen combat or have been exposed to satanic abuse on and off the battlefield! I will address these issues and give Biblical advice and prayers to set our heroes free. Suicide is high and even exceeds battle deaths amongst United States military personnel. Why? Because our soldiers are exposed to the devil’s tactics of bloodshed that are not warranted, true, military combat situations, and our troops are doing this without any Godly covering to keep them from receiving unclean spirits. Our troops are only obeying orders so it is not their fault! Being on unholy ground can make anyone vulnerable to demonic attacks. Troops are not taught to put on the full armor of God before combat or every day for that matter. (Ephesians 6:11) With God and Jesus being removed from the military and replaced with witchcraft ceremonies taking place right on the bases, our troops are subjected to horrific demonization exposures as never seen before. The results are curses and demonic transfers causing emotional distress where many have already been overtaken in their minds and emotions. This results in them taking their own lives because they have lost hope in ever being right in their spirit again!

   Muslims, at their daily prayers, are cursing our troops several times a day. The areas where our military is located increase the chances of high demonic trafficking. This means that these areas have been under demonic influence for centuries and the strongholds by principalities are fortified! Because there are such spiritual powers at work there, any normal man or woman, including our troops, are sitting ducks. This is why God is being removed from the military for the ease of slaughter. If there is no God and no Jesus, then there is no covering. It is that simple. The Muslims are instruments of Satan to carry out and implement these curses. Because of the infiltration of Muslims in our military leadership with their new rulings of no God and no Jesus on the bases and battlefields, this assures the destruction of our young men and women. This may happen at the time of engagement of the enemy, or it will occur later when they return because they picked up spirits and brought them home with them! Why did they come home with evil spirits? Because they had no Godly, spiritual covering and were cursed by the enemy! Again, the ground they were on, being a demonic infestation dating back to the Nephilim, would be more than needed to even take down the average Christian who does not understand spiritual warfare. We see this with missionaries all the time who come back all beat up because their church was not giving them prayer coverings, and they themselves were never taught spiritual warfare to defend themselves properly.

     Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

The Second Heaven Invasion

Stop, learn, counter and destroy demonic opposition!


Authored by Scott E. Hensler

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   Please note if this is what you saw and experienced on the battlefield and brought them home with you, you are not crazy and alone. You became infected with unclean spirits and now are tormented by them. There is an answer and that answer is not suicide! Jesus loves you and God wishes none should perish…

   You if are being tormented with visitations and have tremendous guilt for what happened in the Middle East or other deployment areas you need to know they can and will be eliminated from your life once and for all through the blood of the Lamb!

   You can be set free and healed of your sorrows and pains known as PTSD. Deliverance is for all and all things are possible through God.

Contact me at: and lets talk about it…