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Deliverance Ministry Listings

Deliverance from demonic infection and illness has been given to Gods Saints by casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. So is your church doing that? Or looking the other way saying it does not apply to today's Christians. If so then that is a lie straight from the pit...    We all need deliverance!

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General Nationwide listings of deliverance ministries available


Suggested Deliverance Ministries listed:


Isaiah 61 Ministries

13835 N. Tatum Blvd, Box 121 Suite #9 - Phoenix, AZ 85032 - USA

Ministry Line: (480) 231-6375 -


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Kundalini Spirit

Whose job is it to cast out demons?

Deliverance Ministry Listing

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Scott and Network

Deliverance prayers from Freemasonry

Demonized or Possession?