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Make-believe friends could really be unclean spirits!

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Children are known for their ability to make-believe and have wild imaginations. Out of the mouth of babes come some of the funniest and most entertaining words to make us laugh. However, when a child says they have a friend or several that no one else can see, with strange events and even frightening occurrences of spirit visitations, then possibly the child is really seeing and communicating with the supernatural. What is even more concerning is child increasingly day by day being even more influenced by this imaginary companion causing disruptions, separation and even assaults on family members who try and intervene between the child and the apparition. One must be concerned and act accordingly if the child is entertaining demonic spirits and seems to side with them and even protect the spirits. The spirit’s goal is to befriend the child and setup house in their minds and hearts to be as one with the child when they enter into adulthood. The spirits can incorporate abuse either by a parent or third-party, and then the hold is stronger and more binding between the child and the spirits. Spirits use these unfortunate events and are most likely behind the cause of the abuse and make the child think the spirits are their only real friend and protector. Of course, they are not. You’ve heard of adults who do terrible things with them saying, after their arrest for crimes such as homicide or rape, that voices told them to do it. Shootings are happening more frequently with the same explanation to do so because voices told them to do it. This voice or voices most likely have been with them for some time possibly from childhood. This is common and if you were to visit an insane asylum a large percentage of the committed patents have the same history. As strange as this may seem it’s happening with more intensity with the occult bombarding our culture with demonic symbolism and even direct involvement through school curriculum to introduce children to the occult. Parents are the main entry point for children receiving spirits through occult activity. Demonically charged items can transfer spirits to children that once belonged to a family who practiced witchcraft. The parent is often looking for a good deal and purchases a toy or furniture item at a second hand store once own by a practicing witchcraft family. The parent, not knowing the item is demonically charged, places the item in the home or the child’s bedroom. Now the child is having nightmares or their behavior has drastically changed for the worse. The same can occur with books and movies that were written or made by occult members who pray spirits into them to be released in the homes across America or worldwide.

   Children who are physically or emotionally abused will receive unclean spirits. Children who are molested will receive unclean spirits. Finally, children who are rejected by their parents will receive unclean spirits. Generational curses make up for the rest and become strongholds in bloodlines causing the same ill behaviors and destruction from grandpa to great-grandchildren. I will include at the end of this chapter prayer coverings to use over your children to break generational curses and to remove unclean spirits. I will also include prayers to bless your children just as the Jews did and still do that helps set the stage for an abounded life for your child instead of poverty and lawlessness that alters what God had intended for them. We are given charge over our children and the occult is moving in to take them in the last days so the fight is on and you better be prepared to stand against these demonic pedophiles. This is God’s order for the parent to protect the child and failure to do so gives the demonic a legal right to them. No one knows this better than occult members who are deeply embedded into Luciferianism and they know most parents are clueless concerning such matters. If you have a child who abuses animals or has strange attractions to death or the occult, you as a parent need, to bring them in for deliverance now while there is still time to remove the strong man or gate keeper that has them in bondage. This stronghold and bondage will, in time, destroy the child. The child could possibly be the tool of the future for the devil to use to destroy others. Today’s serial killers were yesterday’s children who were abused, rejected and exposed to pornography. Anyone who partakes in such things, young or old, is in danger of hell fire. Their souls are tormented and so for all involved divine intervention needs to implemented. Never overlook what God is telling you in your spirit concerning your children, good or bad!

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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