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Chemical Sensitivities the Spiritual Connection

Anaphylactic shock - Pounding heart – Dizziness - Nausea - Unable to think clearly - Psychophysical

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People today are becoming more aware and concerned with today’s foods destroying the body’s immune system with chemical food additives and genetically modified foods (GMO). These toxic foods can cause cancer, failure of organs and even psychological disorders. I know that if I ingest Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) found in cereals, butter and even meats I will become sick. This also includes Sodium Benzoate found in liquids like sodas, and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) placed in many food products from packaged foods to restaurant foods. MSG was a developmental effort of the Japanese to make foods that tasted like cardboard and had no flavor, like the ones in the food rations for the WWII solders, palatable. Using MSG caused the solders’ minds to think the food was flavorful and tasted good. When in fact what it was doing was altering the brain through chemical reaction against existing chemicals in the brain giving the appearance of flavorful food. I am making this point because in reality MSG is a drug causing psychosomatic changes for those who ingest it. Some people, including me, have severe reactions with the body going into anaphylactic shock. I have symptoms like that of a pounding heart, dizziness, nausea and the inability to think clearly. This also includes thoughts of going crazy or possibly dying because the mind and body are shorting out at the same time in distress. I know if I have ingested any food additive like the ones mentioned they will cause reactions within 23 minutes. It is almost like an atomic clock of accuracy right down to the second. If the food is clean is and not full of toxins I will not feel anything other than nourished. I have no allergies to any foods just reactions to chemicals. If it is tainted with toxic additives then right at 23 minutes I know the trauma is coming because I fill uneasiness at that moment and all I can do is hold on and remind myself after the next 30 minutes I will start to feel somewhat better. Within two hours most effects are subsided. I am left exhausted with a pounding heart for another hour. I endure and am not able to think clearly until I get some rest. The hardest part is that others who do not have this trouble cannot comprehend the pain and sometimes are not comforting when this is happening to me. They are only indifferent which makes the experience all that more difficult to deal with. I have had relationships end because of this problem. In a way, it is for the better because their needs in the relationship seem to be only for them. They have no concerns for me and my sickness during the poisoning! Obviously, if I did not have this trouble life would be different.  

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