BPD or Jezebel

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The Spiritual Infection of BPD

    Borderline Personality Disorder involves Witchcraft, Divination and Sorcery. Which there are no clear winners on either side of this cursed disorder. All that are affected have heartbreaking stories whether you are a BPD, or you have been in a relationship with someone that is spiritually infected with BPD spirits. See what the main stream psychiatric community has ignored all along!

After more than eleven years of serving in the ministry of Healing and Deliverance, I repeatedly experienced what brought me here in the first place. And that is what is called by Psychiatric Professionals as Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD as defined in the DSM-IV-TR (2004). There seems to be an epidemic of this disorder infecting both men and women in one form or another including Christian and non-Christians. You’ll note that in the psychiatric world you’ll find little explanations or treatment procedures for spiritually induced mental illness including their medical journals, or, even publicly recognized by the psychiatric professionals, thus ignoring the root cause all-together and the BPD never is fully healed through conventional methods which are humanistic.

    I have on occasion run into those who have encountered spiritual events while working in the medical or psychiatric field, but would never talk about it until away from co-workers in the hospitals they worked in. All had some bizarre story that could only be explained as supernatural. The closest thing you’ll find spiritually about BPD is several great books explaining the spirit of Jezebel and how it controls the infected and those who are in relationship with them; and the devastation that affects all involved from spouses, church members and family, not to forget the Bible’s Old Testament pertaining to I Kings starting in Chapter 16. I am not saying that BPDs are Jezebels, but there is an incredible amount of similarities that one cannot ignore. I know as time goes on there will be more recognition of this disorder connected directly to the spiritual influences. I, through my own experience, will show with the help of the Holy Spirit that this is the only real cure through what is known as Healing and Deliverance. That this is the same as the Lord Jesus Christ himself commanded his Disciples and the church to do and not conventional worldly treatment. That is not the answer or was it ever intended to be.

    Certain drugs prescribed by psychiatrists appear to introduce sorcery through the spirit of Pharmacia and can sometimes turn on the BPD being treated, making the situation even more intense with psychotic out of control behaviors, by the BPD who already is overwhelmed with hurtful deep inner emotions. I have witnessed this firsthand and the spiritual confusion that takes place is heartbreaking. This is also challenging for Law Enforcement Authorities, who are trying to keep the peace that are not properly trained to deal with the mentally ill and can only relate to this situation as a criminal encounter and act accordingly, thus affecting the BPD and families with possible court action. Now they're in the system that never seems to go away. This disorder affects the whole world in more ways than anyone can imagine with financial loss and broken families.

    Even dictatorial leaders of nations most likely have BPD or massively infected with narcissist spirits or both, and projecting onto their own countrymen their internal emotional turmoil. Inflicting pain and suffering on those who are not BPDS (non-BPD.) One confusing factor I see with BPDs is they can have talents, creativity, charisma, and are able to show loving caring attributes that would attract anybody to them at first. However, soon when the web of deception has surrounded the new victim, they find themselves with someone they had no idea was capable of destroying them at the drop of a hat.

    There are no boundary lines, continent divisions, and tribes of people who do not deal with BPD, in one way or another. This includes Hollywood with past and present entertainment stars like Marilyn Monroe, who is said to have had BPD. When you have past abuse and rejection on children, you have an open door to the spirit world that will infect everyone involved. There is no separation between perpetrator and victim when it comes to spiritual infection through sin.

    The spirits’ names may change from one country to another, but they’re still the same terrible demonic entity acting out their ugly nature, taking no prisoners. They take with them one main intent, and that is to destroy all of God’s children in mind-tormenting ways. You may have never heard of some of the explanations or experiences I will offer. You may not agree or believe my writings. However, the fact is that this disorder does exist and is getting worse every day. Someone needs to expose the spirits behind BPD and remove them from those who are infected. We were called to do so by our Lord Jesus Christ, and the more that we are aware of these spirits the better we can then defend ourselves from their destruction and help others. Including the BPD!

      Author, Scott E. Hensler

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