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Selected Archived Radio Shows                         

The Curse of the Bastard and setting your Children Free! - Sex outside of marriage carries with it curses mention in Deuteronomy 23! 02/20/2013

Spiritual Stargates Portals and Bigfoot! - Why is Bigfoot never found only seen? 02/19/2013

For Men Only! - It is time to clean up your act and start fighting like warriors   02/12/2013  

The first show with introduction - What is really going on out there!   01/28/2013

Second Show - Curses and more curses! - 01/29/2013

Got Demons? - General description of demons and where they come from    01/31/2013

Borderline Personality Disorder - Learn about the spiritual connection behind BPD   02/03/2013

Deliverance from evil spirits! - Includes the process of deliverance - 02/04/2013

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