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Blessing and Curses

Are they real?

This book is focused on the spirit realm and would not be complete unless I address the subject of blessing and curses specifically by itself as a chapter. At the end of this chapter I include prayers for the releasing of curses and instructions on how to do so. Remember, what is bound in the heavens is bound on earth, and what is loosed in the heaven is loosed on earth. (Matthew 18:18) This Bible verse tells us that a curse can be broken after they have been established. It also describes how the spoken words must be spoken with great care. Curses can come from someone speaking them on to others, or they can come from your own mouth by your own spoken words for there is power in the tongue to bless or curse. How many times have you heard the saying “I’ll be damned!” in the movies, work place or even at your own dinner table? I had a curse placed on me almost forty years ago and within forty-eight hours of it being spoken I had eczema (psoriasis) all over my body so bad my skin would crack and bleed. The words spoken were, “I hope you get something all over your body!”… I suffered on and off until deliverance almost for twenty-three years later. A curse, as we see in the Old Testament, can also come right from God after His warnings to nations to repent and they do not. We, ourselves, can sin or even a family member from the past can curse the bloodline, opening the demonic doors allowing legal right for the curses to take hold. The definition of a curse as one example by is as follows: The expression of a wish that misfortune, evil, doom, etc., befall a person, group, etc. / A formula or charm intended to cause such misfortune to another. These are real and happen every day for the past several thousand years.

   Jesus, God’s son, died to pay for our sins, giving us eternal life with our Father in heaven, thus canceling the curse of the second death. Jesus’ blood sacrifice fulfills the law by initiating and setting into motion the great commission which removes us from being under the curse of the Garden of Eden being the fall of man. Jesus said he must go so another may come and take His place (John 16) which was fulfilled in the book of Acts (Acts 1:8) with the Holy Spirit entering into the Apostles giving them the power and authority of Christ to do His works even greater than He. (Matthew 28:18-20 and John 14:12) People have been taught that there are no more curses because we are no longer under the law. Yes and no. This is true, we are no longer held to the law. However, we are still bound until repentance and prayers release us from being under the law. This breaks the curses when deliverance is enacted by the spoken words of remissions of sins. It takes confessing and renouncing those things that keeps us under the law known as sin! There is no more sacrificing of bulls and goats for the remission of sins because Jesus paid with His blood once and for all with Jesus saying on the cross, “It is finished!”. (John 19:30) The great commission of Jesus Christ was prophesied in Isaiah 61. This was also read by Jesus himself in the Temple out of the scroll of Isaiah. (Luke 4:17-21) The words spoken for all of us being we are commissioned through Christ to heal the sick, restore sight to the blind, have the lame walk, set the captives free and heal the brokenhearted. Also note, we are to set the captives free which is breaking the curses off of those including ourselves who are bound by curses! Jesus also commissioned us to go out into the world by two’s to preach the Gospels and do deliverance! Remember how excited the Apostles became when they realized the demons were under their command being subject to them? So we are given the ability to remove all of the curses after repenting and speaking with the power and authority Christ gave us by the great commission to cancel, remove curses and cast out demons behind the curses. Thus comes the healing of the sick who were cursed with curses of sickness (infirmity) and so on. Again, the great commission fulfills the law, not ends it.

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

The Second Heaven Invasion

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Authored by Scott E. Hensler

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