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Big things are coming our way!

So the question is... will you be able to communicate without cell phones?

    With recent sweeping changes throughout our Country it has finally come to the understanding by the Citizens of this Nation that we are going to experience what we have feared in the past and that is possible civil unrest. This will put us in a position to take action and stances to seek readiness. So what do we do now to deal with our predicament? Put our heads into the sand? Which by the way only exposes our backside and depletes our oxygen, which makes our brains even more incapable of thinking right. So that's no answer.

So lets think logically at what is necessary to keep our family and friends from harms way. Let's take it one step at a time. And look at what could happen to our normal daily access to today's technology that has made our lives dependent on such things like cell phones, Internet, television and radio. That could be taken away from us at any given moment and time. And offer some solutions to rectify the problems.

    First, lets get a feel for not having communications between our spouses, friends and immediate family. And even emergency services like Fire, Police and ambulance. Have you ever been in an underground cave in total darkness requiring flashlights to continue any further in? And placed your hand in front of your face after turning off all flashlights and seeing absolutely nothing! With the total depletion of light, there is not even an outline or shadow of your hand to barely see. Think of the sick feeling you would have in attempting to contact someone and feel the helplessness of total separation (darkness) because all electronic devices that tell that time were taken for granted and are switched off or destroyed! This is not to scare you. But to get you to think, what if! So be prepared if that time comes with the following information, and then you will have options where there would have been none otherwise.

    When I was going through firearms training for law enforcement several years ago, I remember the Range Instructor (Master) ramming into our heads like a drill Sergeant saying... What you learn here is how you're going to conduct yourself in the field during a combat situation! So make the proper habits now! Because what you do here, is what you're going to do when your life depends on it!” So this is how I'm going to proceed with the information I have for you. Because I believe it's just as important as the training I received in the past to help keep me alive during aggressive confrontations. I would like to also add that as a young man in my teens to my twenties, I was a professional Marital Arts Instructor in the Chinese form. And lived and breathed what I learned and passed on the same techniques to my students of men, women and children. So I'm no stranger to what is necessary to protect myself and those around me. I also have the advantage of being technically savvy from all the electronic background I have been exposed to for the past thirty years. I remember one saying from my self-defense instructors... “Never underestimate anybody… no matter how they may appear to look like both weak and strong”. Another saying I've held on to all theses years is “Make friends with the bear in the woods and the mountain lion will keep his distance". This is how you should appear to those who would cause havoc and harm to you and your way of life. You should appear strong and aware of your surroundings and have a look of strength even though you may not be physically. Have a look of confidence, showing you are able to act in a defensive mode when the time calls for it. And, there is strength in numbers. I would rather live without the threats of what's coming from hanging over our heads, but it is what it is and we need to deal with it whether we like it or not. And if it never comes or its just a fizzle of the potential that could be, then we are still ahead of the game and not caught without oil in our lamps when the door is closed behind us.

    So, wake up from behind the wheel and take control while you still can before you go past a point of no return. I'm sure some who are reading this think I'm over reacting. But those in the past pre-wars environment thought the same thing and have suffered the consequences of being caught with their pants down. Someone close to you depends on you and visa versa. So be on alert twenty-four seven. Well call this awareness, going from green to yellow. This logic is taught by defense instructors, range masters both public and private. It simply means be prepared and aware of your surroundings and take note of all possible threats to you and your loved ones. And make all necessary tactical adjustments to meet any possible threats with a first strike attitude. So what does this have to do with communications? Well, without the ability to convey information directly to your tactical team (family), you will be put at a disadvantage and may result in tragic loss. Time and time again in past situations whether wartime or due to local Law Enforcement issues, good communication was instrumental in the success of the outcome and saved lives and property from destruction.

    Second, now that you have prepared yourself mentally and emotionally, what communication options do we have other than cell phones and Internet? Both close range and long distance. Well call close range between 1 and 20 miles. Long range will go from 20 to 100 plus miles. Well deal with close range in this article for now.

    Communications can be everything from vocal speech or sound, hand gestures, pounding on a drum and signaling someone by flashlight. If you use electronics for communication such as a two-way radio then this requires electrical power to operate it. Our power grid in the US is one of the most advanced systems in the world. There is room for improvement but 99.9 percent of the time it works for the average consumer beyond what other countries experience. Remember what I said earlier… "Never underestimate anybody!" The treats against this nation are real. What I'm getting at is that you cannot depend on the local power grid if there is a terrorist attack, natural disaster or a total shutdown of the system. So lets look at what option we have to power our devices and stay in reliable contact with our families. Solar power is one option but not for all parts of the country and not for all time of the seasons. But it does provide one avenue for recharging batteries over time. And possibly assist in lighting for night with charged batteries as well as running radios, computers and two-way radios for a given time while the sun is available. Wind is another option but again unless your in the right location geographically one cannot always depend on it all the time. Gas generators are probably the most effective way to produce high amounts of current and are able to handle all your needs at once. But you need fuel to run them and if your supply is terminated then you're out of luck. Plus there are hazards in storing fuel in your home or somewhere on your property. I'm chemically sensitive so it's not my first choice for myself, but it does have its advantages. If you have the ability to install a gas generator to overcome these obstacles, then you're looking pretty good as long as fuel is available and you can safely store it in quantities.

    Some people are fortunate to have running water like streams and rivers that are capable of operating small hydro-generators. Again only a few are capable of this method and may still be dependent on the season and weather patterns. So you say I'll stock up on batteries, and that is a given. You should! But in the long hall it's power can only be reliable with the life span of the battery and the shelf life of the stored batteries. And if a power emergency goes for weeks, months and possibly years then again you're out of luck in the long run. So what's the answer for powering your electronic devices that's dependable over time? At least as long as it's capable of holding up mechanically under constant use and not fail. And lets stick to the subject of operating low power communications radios and charging small batteries. So for close range communication as described earlier, the Hand-Crank Self-Generating Power is the answer! You can find these features providing multiple power options on newer Two-way radios, Broadcast Receivers and Weather Alert Scanners, just to name a few brands with theses features that are being offered by Midland, AudioVOX and Cobra. Other name brands are joining the emergency ready market each month.

    As these new alternate powering devices become available I will be posting them on Wilderness Storefront for public availability. You'll find other emergency supplies and equipment to deal with possible up coming situations that require your thorough attention to assure a safe outcome for you and your family. And hopefully you have stored food, water, clothing, ammunition and medical supplies to keep on hand in a safe dry place. And extra Flashlights, GPS both mobile and portable and even a backup cell phone in case they are reactivated again if and when they're switched off and on.

In the next article we'll address other tactical devices you should have on hand just in case. I'll have suggestions for home security methods and needed accessories items for your defense weapons of choice that should be made ready to keep your home safe and secure.

    In closing. I would like to give thanks to those who are serving this country now and in the past, both domestically and foreign. Whether you've served in Government leadership or been a foot soldier trying to secure order in other nations. For keeping what is so precious to us safe, our freedom! We have been given a gift of freedom not known totally by other nations for hundreds of years now. The US Constitution is to be protected like a young infant that will reward us with our own sovereignty and the ability to stand against those who would try to take or freedoms away from us. I hope the information in this article will assist you in making decisions that will help keep you safe in the up and coming times ahead.

    I also know this is not the typical approach of a merchant to his customers. But to me the important thing is to provide my experience and knowledge to those who are in need of it. I'm in this with you all the way. Simply, my beliefs bring me here.

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

Copyright -All rights reserved

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