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  Amateur (HAM) Radio who needs it?

  Amateur radio known as HAM radio will be one of the only links to others via two-way radio communications when times turn for the worst. One EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) strategically placed over the United States will send us back into the 19th (1801 - 1900) centaury. One sun spot (solar flare EMP) account will do the same. Land-line phones, cell phones, GPS’s including public radio/TV broadcasts will be completely useless. Automobiles, computers and the main power electrical grid will no longer be functionally possible for years afterward! Since a great deal of the power grids main transformers that regulate and distribute the power are now manufactured outside the US. We are a train wreck waiting to happen... We did not even cover the earth magnetic polar shift taking place right now!




  To obtain a amateur radio license, purchase and safely store the radios so they are not be damaged during an EMP is one step to assuring a better outcome concerning a disastrous situations. If you live in remote areas this could mean the difference between saving a life or not when medical treatment is necessary and help is miles away.

   Generators, solar panels and a supply of batteries is as important as storing food, water, medicine and firearms with stockpiled ammo. Walk out into the wilderness and turn off your flashlight for one hour in the middle of the night by yourself with no cell phone, Ipod, laptop, and experience what it will be like for the next years to come after an EMP occurs!

  Shortwave radio receivers will be a vital link to the outside world. Even thou the US may be hit by an EMP attack, does not mean the rest of the world is out of commission. Listening to foreign broadcast stations may be the only way to know what is going on out there. This may include vital rescue instructional information as well! Here is a link showing the foreign stations available that most US citizen are not even aware exist: Foreign radio station guide

     For more information in obtaining an amateur radio license. visit:

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

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